The Great Wall Box House, HOSTEL in Beijing China.
The Great Wall Box House.

No. Jia 18, XiDui Main Street, Beijing, China

Located near: Our place is situated in the northeast of Miyun, and was the famous pass in Yushun Period, It's the fortress between Shanhaiguan and Juyongguan, and the important pass from North China Plain to Inner Mongolia and the northeast. As a well-known military town, Gubeikou was described as the natural key of the pass and the throat to the desert. With the fresh air, the dense vegetation and the beautiful scenery around, Gubeikou is the scenic spot for all the emperors in past dynasties in summer and was called ��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý���ï���ÿ���ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý���ý��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ýSmall Chengde��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý���ï���ÿ���ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý���ý��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ý. Qilang Tomb, Linggong Temple, glazed beautiful wall beside the road, the wells and temples constituted the particular ancient town culture in the Great Wall of China. Gubeikou have Wohu Mountain and Panlong Moutain lofty at its back, and Eight-Great-Towers Great Wall and Xigou scenic spot, the Great Wall here is the most unique part with most splendid nature sites and most variable forms in towers or walls in the Ming (Dynasty) Great Wall. Meanwhile, it's not only the solidest part of the Great Wall designed and supervised by Qi Jiguang, But also the ancient Great Wall that completely keep the original appearance of essential section of the Ming Great Wall and the earliest Bei Qi Great Wall that rarely found in Beijing. In 1987, Gubeikou Great Wall was ranked into the world culture heritage and was assessed as ��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý���ï���ÿ���ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý���ý��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ýthe Aboriginal Great Wall��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý���ï���ÿ���ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý���ý��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ý and ��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý���ï���ÿ���ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý���ý��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ýthe most famous Great Wall in China��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý���ï���ÿ���ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý���ý��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ï��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ÿ��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ý by UNESCO.

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