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Info Hostels photo 1533 The southern province of China ‘Fujian’ has got it’s fame for its unique Hakka Houses. There is a distinctive history behind building these houses. The extensive growth of population pressure lead the hakka people in to conflict against neighbours. And to defend themselves from the enemies the Hakkas started to build these unique shaped houses. The only ones that are fairytale-like village buildings, shaped like a huge mushroom out of the ground, and a UFO dropped from the c...

City: Shanghai
Country: China
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Photo of A Secret Paradise, Auckland

A Secret Paradise

The Kingdom of Tonga, by staff

The Kingdom of Tonga is an archipelago of 176 coral and volcanic islands, with around 52 that are inhabited, these islands are scattered over 700,000 square kilometres of ocean. Tonga, one of the ... DESTINATIONS in Auckland, New Zealand [ Book Hostels in Auckland ]

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