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Info Hostels photo 2486 The goddess of sun, Japan, a place that's world apart, very different that we are used to, pure, laid back and incredibly welcoming. Japan used to be just far Asia, with strange people for Europeans, now , same as Sushi obsession, this country is New Cool, like a delicates for the rest of the world. Only lately the values settled here, are appreciated, it's a place with a very unique civilisation that blossom and a land that perfectly leads modern and old good traditional.

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City: Tokyo
Country: Japan
( staff)
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Photo of Eastern Capital Tokyo, Tokyo

Eastern Capital Tokyo

Infinite quality, by staff

Tokyo wasn't always this huge metropolis with business running perfectly in, it started as a small castle town called Eda, after few decades it turned into this successful and one of the world's most ... CITY LIVE in Tokyo, Japan [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

Photo of Japanese traditions and passions, Tokyo

Japanese traditions and passions

Blossom of unique civilization, by staff

There is no other place in the world as Japan, the mother nature has blessed them with beautiful blossoms and four distinct seasons, great food and the most important brilliant citizens, they are warm... TRAVEL INFO in Tokyo, Japan [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

Photo of Tokyo fashion is religion,, Tokyo

Tokyo fashion is religion,

Japan capital incredible city, by Mario Gallo

Tokyo, a metropolis, where fashion is religion, where the latest designer clothes fades away straight after they have been removed from the clothes hangers, where the latest technology is a passion, a... TRAVEL INFO in Tokyo, Japan [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

Photo of Catwalks in Tokyo, Tokyo

Catwalks in Tokyo

Passion for Fashion, by staff

In a city, where fashion changes every minute and the fashion fades as soon as the clothes are plucked from the hangers, the phones last for a season, cos something new comes up, in a city, where peop... CITY LIVE in Tokyo, Japan [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

Photo of Iconic travel destination, Tokyo

Iconic travel destination

Best sushi in Tokyo, by staff

Japan is considered to be one of the most iconic travel destinations in the world, it has become more than famous, home to an amazing array of sights, activities and events. No matter what age are yo... CITY LIVE in Tokyo, Japan [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

Photo of Moscow is the MOST, Moscow

Moscow is the MOST

Golden age in Art, by staff

You know where to get the most expensive coffee cups in the world? The most colossal building in the world coming soon? Where are the most billionaires boasting? Where the most famous ballet artists h... CITY LIVE in Moscow, Russia [ Book Hostels in Moscow ]

Photo of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan

Tokyo is a tecnological city , by staff

Tokyo is the capital of the land of the rising sun. Wildly unknown to foreigners until it opened its gates in the late 1940’s, Japan still remains a mystery to many of its foreign counterparts.... CITY LIVE in Tokyo, Japan [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

Photo of How the other half eats, Sao Paulo

How the other half eats

Eating experiences to rival your travelling wunder-lust, by Dara Vongsonephet

If you�re travelling, and really travelling that is, you�ll be digging into local delicacies as you go. This includes avoiding those big anonymous chains where possible, and venturing out in... TRAVEL INFO in Sao Paulo, Brazil [ Book Hostels in Sao Paulo ]

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