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Info Hostels photo 1976 Austria is one of the dream destinations for a perfect vacation, everyone knows it's like little Germany, but so much more warm and cozy, a country, where little genius Mozart was born, where classic music is a lifestyle and where cake and coffee were known for's storybook Austria, Salzburg. It's a dream town in every season, where mosaic domes stand still and mountains are just a part of the beautiful land, that will leave you breathless, baroque churches and monumental squares, ...

City: Salzburg
Country: Austria
( staff)
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Photo of Festival of Kings, Paris

Festival of Kings

Galetta des rois, by staff

Paris, Paris, every girls dream to get there, well, almost every ... if I could change the weather there , probably I would be one of's a place where you have to go, even if it's only to mar... DESTINATIONS in Paris, France [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

Photo of Berne examples of medieval town., Bern

Berne examples of medieval town.

Capital of Switzerland, by Info Hostels

Berne - the capital of Switzerland is beautiful and from all Europe capitals most immediately charming. It's so much diverse from most of the european cities, with its cobbled lanes, lined with sands... DESTINATIONS in Bern, Switzerland [ Book Hostels in Bern ]

Photo of Christmas in Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm

Christmas in Stockholm, Sweden

Hostel in Stockholm , by staff

Experience old and genuine Christmas traditions in Snow White Stockholm this December When it comes to finding the true Christmas spirit, Stockholm is the place to visit. Cold -yes, snow -hopefully, ... CHRISTMAS MARKET in Stockholm, Sweden [ Book Hostels in Stockholm ]

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