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Info Hostels photo 2249 California in USA is like a magically tropic cocktail, with crazy skateboarders, wild mushroom lovers and San Francisco's crazy inhabitants, it's a place where dreams come true and impossible becomes possible. You will be shocked by people walking naked and going to surf with skyscraper-sized waves...that's California, it makes people go a bit might expect that this place surprises you, but the truth is, you will surprise yourself.

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City: San Francisco
Country: USA
( staff)
[ Book Hostels in San Francisco ]

Photo of Quito, perfectly mixing the old and modern, Quito

Quito, perfectly mixing the old and modern

Entirely different world, by staff

Once you arrive to Quito, you will be surprised about almost everything, seeing women carrying impossibly heavy loads, impossible to carry, hearing blind accordion player,that breaks your heart, an ... TRAVEL INFO in Quito, Ecuador [ Book Hostels in Quito ]

Photo of Best of Berlin Top 10, Berlin

Best of Berlin Top 10

EastSeven Hostel Berlin, by staff

A selection of some of the coolest things to do in Berlin! Selected by the staff of EastSeven Hostel Berlin. If you are coming to Berlin you might at first be overwhelmed by the big amount of things t... HOSTELS NEWS in Berlin, Germany [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

Photo of Oldest and the best gelato in Rome, Rome

Oldest and the best gelato in Rome

Giolitti, zabaione-flavoured semifreddo, by staff

Rome is worth visiting in any season, and it's worth to taste its goods, like ice cream...The cold season lasts few month only from December until February, March is the month when the sun shines and ... CITY LIVE in Rome, Italy [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

Photo of Pumpkin Festival, San Francisco

Pumpkin Festival

Half Moon Bay, California, by staff

It's mid October, and we all know what that means, a Halloween, that has become more famous in all Europe and World than ever..not only for kids, also for adults its a great occasion to get a funny ma... TRAVEL INFO in San Francisco, USA [ Book Hostels in San Francisco ]

Photo of White nights in Russia, St Petersburg

White nights in Russia

Summer in St Petersburg-style, by staff

Have you ever heard about the White nights in St Petersburg? That's the most beautiful happening in the summer in Russia, there are those incredible luminous northern midsummer eves when the high lati... DESTINATIONS in St Petersburg, Russia [ Book Hostels in St Petersburg ]

Photo of Marvellous of Istanbul, Istanbul

Marvellous of Istanbul

Essential part in turkish bath, by Info Hostels

Designated as one of the three capitals of Culture in 2010, Istanbul is packed of huge historic building, museums, art galleries that will fulfil your days of visits. You will have more than enough to... DESTINATIONS in Istanbul, Turkey [ Book Hostels in Istanbul ]

Photo of Festa del Cioccolato, Roma, Rome

Festa del Cioccolato, Roma

Your time to fully live out, by staff

Once in a while something spectacular happens in Italy..for you, without insight in the importance of food, dinner, and everything around it and the so called "food-parties" in Italy, let me tell you,... EVENTS in Rome, Italy [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

Photo of Lantern Festival Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

Lantern Festival Kuala Lumpur

Moon Cake , by staff

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Moon Cake or Lantern Festival, originating from a time of conflict in 14th-Century China. While Chinese in different countries celebrate it with distinct t... EVENTS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [ Book Hostels in Kuala Lumpur ]

Photo of Sorrento Limoncello and more, Sorrento

Sorrento Limoncello and more

Beautiful view of the Golfo di Napoli, by Info Hostels

Over the steep cliffs is located beautiful Sorrento town, from where you can view an amazing bay of Naples. Surrentum, the old name form Greek times, main selling point is the fabulous location, you c... DESTINATIONS in Sorrento, Italy [ Book Hostels in Sorrento ]



Lili Vazquez travel in Italy, by Lili Vazquez

This winter I decided to visit Italy, where I had been before but I was curious to feel the cold winter in this beautiful country. It wasn’t precisely the weather that surprised me, but really ... BACKPACKER STORIES in Milan, Italy [ Book Hostels in Milan ]

Photo of Naples - City of Mediterranean Atmosphere, Naples

Naples - City of Mediterranean Atmosphere

Naples, Italy, by Info Hostels

Be careful, keep your eye on your wallet and be attentive in the crowd. The capital of Southern Italy - Naples (Napoli) - is known for the pickpockets, noise and never ending traffic. However, the onl... CITY LIVE in Naples, Italy [ Book Hostels in Naples ]

Photo of Rome, Rome


A city packed with myth and history, by staff

�Why a thousand people are not run over every day is a mystery no man can solve� -Mark Twain A city packed with myth and history, and churches and monuments and people and cars and madness!... CITY LIVE in Rome, Italy [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

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