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Info Hostels photo 2443 Brussels is so much more than just a great chocolate and beer, many of visitors don't really look beyond and call the city and country itself a little bit boring and cold. If you are curious enough to see its astonishing art history and breathtaking carnivals that put a shadow on Rio's ones, 60 Unesco sites and actually funny and welcoming citizens, you will fall in love with this place. Do not try to compare it to others, because it's not, it's not Paris, it's not Amsterdam, it's Brussels, uniq...

City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
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  • Photo of New York Budget Inn, New York


    New York Budget Inn
    New York, USA


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    New York, the dream land of many and dream destination of almost all, is the city where things happen, with a huge population, leading to a great number of things to do and see. The city is historic, an economic and financial hub that doesn't cease to amuse and entertain. When traveling to the Big Apple, you have to look for an accommodation that a...

  • Photo of Vancouver, best city to live in, Vancouver


    Vancouver, best city to live in
    Food Tour, The Eat!

    CITY LIVE in Vancouver, Canada

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    Situated between the Pacific and the Coast mountains, Vancouver is very frequently listed as one of the "best cities to live in", and to merit this designation, its food couldn't be less than awesome. You can expect to find good and fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits, and also countless Asian food restaurants. Vancouver please the eyes, but most ...

  • Photo of Munich's Carnival Season in January, Munich


    Munich's Carnival Season in January
    Munich, Germany

    EVENTS in Munich, Germany

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    There are so many festivals and events going on in Munich. The famous Christmas market - Christkindlsmarkets, one of the biggest world's beer festival - Octoberfest and much more. January is the month that has to be celebrated as well, as Fasching Carnival is making its way to town. Festival is bringing a colorful range of events: from fancy-dress ...

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