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If there is a word that describes well Namu Guesthouse, the word is lovely. The hostel is lovely from the decoration to the staff, keeping inside the atmosphere that makes you feel renewed but with the sensation of being at home. That's what you feel in the streets of Seoul, this gigantic cosmopolitan and super technological capital.

South Korea is surely a whole new world to discover, with Seoul being a big part of it. It has around 25.6 million people in its metropolitan area alone, so just imagine how many gems it hides. It is surrounded by a peaceful residential area, just some steps from Hongae Univ. Station, also an area full of culture, festivals and nightlife. It is distant o...

Photo of Tea houses, where Seoul's soul lies, Seoul

Tea houses, where Seoul's soul lies

Boseong Green Tea Plantation Light Festival, by staff

Morning temples, gallery hopping in Insa dong, streets full of snacks and Soju, which is vodka like drink to warm you up, shopping in the buzzing Dongdaemun night markets, parties in the best nightclu... EVENTS in Seoul, South Korea [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

Photo of Gyeongju Liquor & Rice Cake Festival, Seuol

Gyeongju Liquor & Rice Cake Festival

Everything about rice, by staff

It's in nature to eat more when it's when the autumn comes, everyone prefers to wrap into warm blankets and eat some piece of cake! But for Koreans, cake is something healthier than rest of ... EVENTS in Seuol, South Korea [ Book Hostels in Seuol ]

Photo of Hi Seoul Festival  South Korea, Seoul

Hi Seoul Festival South Korea

Foundation of Arts and Culture, by staff

Seoul, is the capital and largest city of South Korea with a population of over ten million people it is also one of the largest cities in the world. Almost half of South Korea's population lives in t... EVENTS in Seoul, South Korea [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

Photo of Lifestyle of Seoul, Seoul

Lifestyle of Seoul

Seoul, the modern capital of South Korea, by staff

Seoul, the modernized capital city of skycrapers and neon lights. See with your own eyes, the result of concentrated work done by the people of a collectivist culture, uniting under one cause, having ... DESTINATIONS in Seoul, South Korea [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

Photo of Spring Festivals in South Korea, Seoul

Spring Festivals in South Korea

Middle of March - April, 2010, by Info Hostels

Spring cannot be imagined without blossoming flowers. If you cannot imagine your vacation without the, be prepared to visit Korea. The cold winds and freezing temperatures of winter have passed, and K... EVENTS in Seoul, South Korea [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

Photo of Unseen Face of Seoul, Seoul

Unseen Face of Seoul

Balance of Ancient History and Modern Times, by Info Hostels

Rich traditions, profound beauty and long history - these are he treasures of Seoul. The city's legacy winds trough its labyrinthine alleys and countless number of the years of development. During the... CITY LIVE in Seoul, South Korea [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

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