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Have you heard about the magical dream world? The second smallest country after Vatican, the Disneyland for businessmen around the world, the perfect vacation place for girls and dreamland of prestige life for everyone. Monaco, Monte Carlo, squeezed into only 200 hectares, Monte Carlo is one of the most powerful cities in the world. To describe Monaco , you will need hundreds of words or few powerful, such as glitzy, glam and screaming hedonism. It has all, even not yet a part of European Union, Monaco is surrounded between mountains and sea, having beautiful gardens and a great and delicious culture event's list. Monaco has become an independent state in a heart of Europe, still not being recogn...

Photo of Marathon de Monaco et des Riviera, Monte Carlo

Marathon de Monaco et des Riviera

Sunny Monte Carlo, by staff

March a and spring time in general is a marathon time everywhere, and there is one special place where people head all over the year, even if the high season is in during the summer and Christmas, Mon... EVENTS in Monte Carlo, Monaco [ Book Hostels in Monte Carlo ]

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