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The charmest place on the indian coast, Goa is a dream travel not only for hippies, but for any kind of traveller that likes sunny beaches and local vibes. A blend of west and east, it is a former Portuguese colony with rich history, beautiful architecture and delicious mix of culinaries, offering a very original and unique India to whoever dares to explore it.

The mix of religions is also evident, with the majority of the population being Hindu, but a significant part being christian, so that travellers spend their time visiting both temples and churches in Goa. It is one of the less populated regions in India and also one of the safest, with violence being almost inexistent.

Photo of Vibrant melting pot, India, New Delhi

Vibrant melting pot, India

Delhi, multidimensional metropolis, by staff

We are living in the world, where peace seems a luxury that not anyone can afford, Asia is a perfect destination to find that luxury, ancient spirits, rules of Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity fulf... CITY LIVE in New Delhi, India [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

Photo of Glittering gems of Delhi, New Delhi

Glittering gems of Delhi

Vibrant melting pot and imperial capital of India, by staff

There are thousands of beautiful places on the planet, luxury, expensive and simply amazing, and there are those , that promises less comfort but priceless mental relax and a very rich lifetime experi... TRAVEL INFO in New Delhi, India [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

Photo of City of Joy, Kolkata

City of Joy

Kolkata, structures of the goddess, by staff

Also called the City of Joy, Kolkata is the main commercial, educational and cultural centre of East India. It is the third most populous metropolitan area in that country, and has been facing an econ... CITY LIVE in Kolkata, India [ Book Hostels in Kolkata ]

Photo of Girl about the Globe, New Delhi

Girl about the Globe

Solo Woman Traveller Column, by Little Lisa Eldridge

Going solo but need a helping hand? Girl about the Globe is a brand new website designed especially for you - the solo female traveller. We're celebrating the increase in women travelling alone and th... TRAVEL INFO in New Delhi, India [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

Photo of  India in microcosm, Mumbai

India in microcosm

Mumbai, city of contrasts , by staff

If June is the month in most of the world, that sun is shining bright and summer has started, for India is a month of rainy showers...but it doesn't mean to be less pleasant. As someone told me, it's ... EVENTS in Mumbai, India [ Book Hostels in Mumbai ]

Photo of Discover your mind, soul,spirit, New Delhi

Discover your mind, soul,spirit

The Taj Mahal, by staff

From Beijing to Bali, Asia is a sacred land of adventure with galvanic repulsions and stimulating activities. Enjoy beautiful beaches and breathtaking sceneries throughout the whole continent. You c... EVENTS in New Delhi, India [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

Photo of Mumbai in India, Mumbai

Mumbai in India

Multilingual city, by staff

Mumbai's port in India is the commercial and financial capital city of the country, this largest and also busiest port has one of the world's largest harbor. Considering that 40% of the island city co... DESTINATIONS in Mumbai, India [ Book Hostels in Mumbai ]

Photo of Best travel destinations in the world, Goa

Best travel destinations in the world

Goa in India, by staff

Goa in India, is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Goa is very famous for its long stretch of beaches, it's between Western Ghats and the Arabian sea. Favorite destinations for tourist... DESTINATIONS in Goa, India [ Book Hostels in Goa ]

Photo of Goa the paradise island, Goa

Goa the paradise island

Smallest state in India, by Info Hostels

Goa is the smallest state in India located in the southwest on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It is the richest state in India with a GDP over twice that of the country as a whole. Panaji is the state'... DESTINATIONS in Goa, India [ Book Hostels in Goa ]

Photo of Holi  The Festival of Colors, New Delhi

Holi The Festival of Colors

India, Nepal, Sri Lanka March 20th 2011, by Info Hostels

The Festival of Colors, also known as Holi, is a spring religious festival, mostly celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs, but primarily observed in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and countries with a large Hindu p... EVENTS in New Delhi, India [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

Photo of 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, New Delhi

2011 ICC Cricket World Cup

February 19 till April 2, 2011, by staff

Cricket could easily be considered a sporting religion in countries like the UK, Australia and India. Every year thousands of cricket fanatics around the world travel to various games and events. Fr... EVENTS in New Delhi, India [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

Photo of New Delhi India, New Delhi

New Delhi India

A new place to be, by staff

Whether you are looking for a meditation retreat or looking to enter the Bollywood atmosphere, New Delhi is your answer. With the second largest metropolitan population (Mumbai being the first), the c... DESTINATIONS in New Delhi, India [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

Photo of Hindu Festival - Ratha Yatra 13 of July, 2010, Puri

Hindu Festival - Ratha Yatra 13 of July, 2010

Puri, India, by Info Hostels

The biggest and the grandest of all festivals and the highlight is the sacred journey. Ratha Yatra is a huge Hindu festival associated with Lord Jagannath held at Puri in the state of Orissa, India du... EVENTS in Puri, India [ Book Hostels in Puri ]

Photo of Kochin India , Kochi

Kochin India

South East Asia Pearl, by Info Hostels

This “Queen of the Arabian Sea” is situated on the west coast of India in the state of Kerala. Kochin has passed through the hands of the Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch and Portugese all ... DESTINATIONS in Kochi, India [ Book Hostels in Kochi ]

Photo of India Republic Day Parade, New Delhi

India Republic Day Parade

New Delhi Hostels and Hotels, by Info Hostels

The importance of the country India becoming independant and declaring itself a Republic is celebrated on the 26th January every year. Since 1950 when the first parade took place, thousands of people ... TRAVEL INFO in New Delhi, India [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

Photo of Goa Parties! December 2008, Goa

Goa Parties! December 2008

Goa Christmas and New year., by Info Hostels

A blissful haze of dancing feet on sand, lapping waves, a milky moon and a pounding beat, Goa at Christmas and New Year provides an escape from the frenzy of shopping and the chill of a European winte... CITY LIVE in Goa, India [ Book Hostels in Goa ]

Photo of Travel in India, Delhi

Travel in India

Top Destinations, by staff

India is the seventh largest country in the world by area and, with over a billion people, comes a close second to China in population. It's an extremely diverse country, with vast differences in geog... DESTINATIONS in Delhi, India [ Book Hostels in Delhi ]

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