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ere is no other country that would say so often Welcome, and would actually mean it, Egyptians still have their charm, as they had back in time, as their ancient civilisation still awes, today's one is doing pretty great as well. Pyramids, sand covered tombs, many things to tease us on going to this paradise, rides on donkeys, a different world to yet discover. Cairo is the capital, the pearl of Egypt, where once Egypt was ruled from, Cairo's Empire.

They say that each country's vote depends of the population, in fact, Egypt is considered as the most traveller friendly one in the Middle East, more less everyone speaks English, and they will be likely there to help you w...

Photo of Sound and Light Show, Cairo

Sound and Light Show

Pyramids, the Sphinx, Cairo, by staff

Very famous holiday destination is Cairo in Egypt, also some particular shows will be waiting for you. The one-hour Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids of Giza takes place every night, bringing alive... EVENTS in Cairo, Egypt [ Book Hostels in Cairo ]

Photo of Mother of the world Cairo, Cairo

Mother of the world Cairo

Alien city for Europeans, by staff

It would be a particular holiday destination, if you look for that, traffic jam, smog blanket, wall of noise, and total chaos, in two words I would describe this metropolis as a hypnotizing charm! And... CITY LIVE in Cairo, Egypt [ Book Hostels in Cairo ]

Photo of Largest city of Egypt is Cairo, Cairo

Largest city of Egypt is Cairo

City of the Death, by staff

Its a city which is not so easy to find in your way around, but the capital is worth the effort. Cairo is home to some of the world's most famous sights, including the much loved Sphinx and its well-k... DESTINATIONS in Cairo, Egypt [ Book Hostels in Cairo ]

Photo of The Other Egypt , Cairo

The Other Egypt

Abu Simebl Festival 22 october 08, by Info Hostels

During the Abu Simbel Festival crowds fill the temple at sunrise to watch the shafts of light slowly creeping through the stone, illuminating the statues of Ramses, Ra and Amun and providing a spectac... TRAVEL INFO in Cairo, Egypt [ Book Hostels in Cairo ]

Photo of Egypt Facts, Cairo

Egypt Facts

Travel Informed, by staff

Egypt Egypt migth make you think pyramids, temples, mummies, desert, and Pharaohs, but that would just be a little part of what there is to see. The largest city in africa, Cairo where you won't be bo... TRAVEL INFO in Cairo, Egypt [ Book Hostels in Cairo ]

Photo of International Yoga Festival, Cairo

International Yoga Festival

30 May - 7 June 2008, by staff

The Third International Yoga Festival: "The Wonders Of The World Peace Pilgrimage: From Giza to Petra" starting in Giza, Egypt, with a ceremony at the Khufu Pyramid. There will be yoga activities th... EVENTS in Cairo, Egypt [ Book Hostels in Cairo ]

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