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Once you arrive to Quito, you will be surprised about almost everything, seeing women carrying impossibly heavy loads, impossible to carry, hearing blind accordion player,that breaks your heart, an old man selling ice cream and what will surprise you the most, roast pigs everywhere. Quito is like no other city in the world, it perfectly mixes the old and modern, the past and present, with only 20 minutes walking from old town, you will reach New town, which will open you an entirely different world. Quito is considered one of the most beautiful regions of Latin America, it's located in the Andean mountains, 9200 feet above sea level. The city is fairy tale, with amazing colonial churches, and t...

Photo of Quito, horizontal strip of land, Quito

Quito, horizontal strip of land

Amazingly preserved colonial churches, by Nic Jackson

Travelling to Ecuador's capital Quito will be a step into whole new world, women aren't running around the city carrying documents in their shiny portfolios dressed in latest fashions costumes, instea... DESTINATIONS in Quito, Ecuador [ Book Hostels in Quito ]

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