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Prague (Praha in Czech) is the "Jewel in the Crown" of Central Europe. It's the historical capital of Bohemia proper and it has been a political, cultural and economic centre. After the World War I, it became the capital of Czechoslovakia.

It is home to one of Europe's best-preserved old towns, known locally as "Stare Mesto": it was untouched during both World Wars. The heart of the old town is the Old Town Square with its beautiful Orloj, the Astronomical Clock, installed in 1410:it's the third-oldest one in the world, and the oldest one still working.

Every hour, from 8am to 8pm, wooden saints emerge from trap doors. In this zone there's the old Jewish neighbourhood o...

Photo of Easter Market in Prague, Prague

Easter Market in Prague

Old Town Square , by staff

This year Easter starts at the 31st of March, earlier as the other years, so all the world prepares depends each country, helding their traditions and believing. Czech Republic is not exception, being... CITY LIVE in Prague, Czeck Republic [ Book Hostels in Prague ]

Photo of Prague Alternativa!Festival 21-29 Nov 08', Prague

Prague Alternativa!Festival 21-29 Nov 08'

Unijazz! Find your hostel, by Info Hostels

The renowned Archa Theatre and other venues in Prague host the original Festival Alternativa, a celebration of alternative and experimental music organised by Unijazz. Each night of the festival, a... TRAVEL INFO in Prague, Czeck Republic [ Book Hostels in Prague ]

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