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Known as 'Jerusalem of Europe' for it's diversity, Sarajevo is a city rich in history, bathed in natural and architectural beauty, and filled with a population content to pursue a good, simple life. At The Doctor's House, you'll sleep cozy on custom handmade furniture, meet other travelers in a wealth of common areas, and access the city with our off-the-beaten track recommendations and local connections. It won’t take long before you fall as deeply in love with Sarajevo as we have!

As one of Sarajevo's first boutique hostels, we strive for excellence and design in every detail.

All of our dorm beds are designed with your comfort in mind - each bunk has a pr...

Photo of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina , Mostar

Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Elegant old Bridge, by staff

Nowadays we are use to something more modern and conformable, I mean most popular cities to visit because our friends or families have been there, and somehow we feel more safe to try something alread... TRAVEL INFO in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina [ Book Hostels in Mostar ]

Photo of Keeper of the bridge, Mostar

Keeper of the bridge

Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by staff

Keeper of the bridge. That's the meaning of Mostar, the elegant Old Bridge, arches over the Neretva River, providing Mostar town with its icon and name. This old Ottoman-style bridge was destroyed ... DESTINATIONS in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina [ Book Hostels in Mostar ]

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