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There are thousands of places on the world, worth visiting, and there will be many of those reminding you some other places, but this one here is so divers, with peaks, mountains, treks, jungles and wild beauty spread all over the country, Bolivia. One of the most stunning countries in South America, with incredible believe in God and strong traditions, with more than 30 influences of other cultures that have been ruling the country through the centuries, Bolivia is at risk to lose one of many languages or cultures within our lifetime, it's a place, where you can still enjoy a laid-back attitude in remote Guarani communities, which are changing incredibly slow, letting the rest of the world still...

Photo of La Paz in Bolivia, La Paz

La Paz in Bolivia

City that touches the sky, by staff

Have you ever heard about the city that touches the sky? La Paz it's the legal capital of Bolivia,home of the Supreme Court, you will be surprise to find its quirky beauty, this extraordinary city h... DESTINATIONS in La Paz, Bolivia [ Book Hostels in La Paz ]

Photo of Coloured lagoons and rainforests, La Paz

Coloured lagoons and rainforests

Amazing beauty of Bolivia, by staff

The Europe barely gets out of winter, but at the other side of the world are enjoying the sun and beaches, so why not to travel there, and coming back right in the time to enjoy the second summer in ... TRAVEL INFO in La Paz, Bolivia [ Book Hostels in La Paz ]

Photo of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival , La Paz

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Feathered masqueraders, glittered body prints , by staff

February is one of the most coloured month of the year, carnivals all over the globe goes on, in the Latin countries mostly, valentine's day, so don't get tired from the winter yet, imagine that some... CITY LIVE in La Paz, Bolivia [ Book Hostels in La Paz ]

Photo of Sandy beaches in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz

Sandy beaches in Santa Cruz

European style charm, by staff

Are you looking forward for you long awaited vacation? Some prefer South America, some France ,Caribbean or even better, get all of it, going to Santa Cruz. The city is one of the most enjoyable town... DESTINATIONS in Santa Cruz, Bolivia [ Book Hostels in Santa Cruz ]

Photo of Bolivia , La Paz


South America, by staff

Bolivia has a wonderful variety of things for visitors to see and do. History Pre-Colombian civilizations such as Tiwanaku and the Incas have left their mark in Bolivia. Later, between 1500 and 18... DESTINATIONS in La Paz, Bolivia [ Book Hostels in La Paz ]

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