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Vienna is the city of luxurious palaces and majestic squares, beautiful streets and countless parks. The Austrian capital with its thousand years history, thanks its galleries, concert halls and the world famous Vienna Opera become the European capital of culture.

You can find almost all types and kinds of art here. A lot of tourists are coming to this great city because of festivals, concerts and other cultural events, but the most popular one here is Viennese Ball. It's a traditional event in Vienna during ball season which starts on November, but the most interesting events are on January -February.

Traditionally the first important ball is on New Year's night in ...

Photo of Bad Gastein runs hot and cold, Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein runs hot and cold

Therapeutic spas and first class skiing, by staff

Winter is nearly knocking pour doors, be ready for white snow and freezing cold, if your country does not provide that, look for a perfect destination, to show you what the white melting sugar powder ... TRAVEL INFO in Bad Gastein, Austria [ Book Hostels in Bad Gastein ]

Photo of Vienna,  imperial history, Vienna

Vienna, imperial history

Exciting contemporary museums and the best nightlife, by staff

Not a city like Rome where you know specifically what to visit and have famous tourist destinations like Coliseum, Vienna is more like a place where you go to dive into the local culture, to feel the ... DESTINATIONS in Vienna, Austria [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]

Photo of Wombats City hostel - The Base, Vienna

Wombats City hostel - The Base

Vienna, Austria, by staff

Wombat's hostel in Vienna will give you full service, and very best, it's clean, located in the center and with the best rates! Wombats City hostel is located at the Naschmarkt, with the view over Vie... SELECTED HOSTELS in Vienna, Austria [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]

Photo of Harvest festivals in Salzburg , Salzburg

Harvest festivals in Salzburg

Home of genius Mozart, by staff

Austria is one of the dream destinations for a perfect vacation, everyone knows it's like little Germany, but so much more warm and cozy, a country, where little genius Mozart was born, where classic ... TRAVEL INFO in Salzburg, Austria [ Book Hostels in Salzburg ]

Photo of Marvellous Austrian capital Vienna, Vienna

Marvellous Austrian capital Vienna

27 castles and more than 150 palaces, by staff

They say Now Or Never about the marvellous Austrian city, capital Vienna, it's splendid history is easily recognised all over the world, with its imperial palaces and bombastic baroque interiors, magn... TOP VISITED CITIES in Vienna, Austria [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]

Photo of Vienna, a city of music, Vienna

Vienna, a city of music

Viennese sound style, by staff

Considered the world city of music, Vienna, is a place where Strauss, Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schönberg and Mahler were born, lived or at least composed music in. This is for sure a pl... EVENTS in Vienna, Austria [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]