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    Bangkok, the new City of Angels
    Same same, but different05.19.2014 TRAVEL INFO
    Bangkok, Thailand [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]
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    It's the new City of Angels, Bangkok has become the number one destination in Southest Asia, with no traffic jams whatsoever, thanks to the greatest modern skytrain and the underground system, that put everything in order, it's a fantastic place to enjoy some of the best Asian food brought together in one spicy dish...Fabulous sights, monuments, exhibitions, arts and so much more, you might be surprise how much this vibrant capital can offer.

    A city, where noodles have their own p...

  • Photo of Treasure beach and palms in Jamaica, Kingston


    Treasure beach and palms in Jamaica
    Stunning landscape and influential culture

    TRAVEL INFO in Kingston, Jamaica

    [ Book Hostels in Kingston ]

    There might be the same sun shining, same sands and the exact same resort life, but Jamaica is so different from all the other Caribbean islands, culturally and historically, that it will seem a whole different world. The island has its unique and very special character, the best coffee growers come from the Blue Mountains, some of the best diving ...

  • Photo of Like a King in Budapest, Budapest


    Like a King in Budapest
    Buda Hills and hot springs

    TRAVEL INFO in Budapest, Hungary

    [ Book Hostels in Budapest ]

    With an always increasing stunning nightlife, already famous in Europe, Budapest is a huge city with many possibilities. It's a top destination in the continent, and frequently the favorite, specially to the young travelers that love a little party. A world class classical music scene and natural thermal baths are also part of Budapest, where famou...

  • Photo of Indonesia, the last paradise, Jakarta


    Indonesia, the last paradise
    Island of the gods

    TRAVEL INFO in Jakarta, Indonesia

    [ Book Hostels in Jakarta ]

    This could be the finest place on earth, the best travel destination that will set your mode on complete relax, Indonesia, melting along the equator...this amazing land consist of more than 13.000 islands and only half of them are inhabited, so in the rest you can play the lonely survivor. These amazing creators are spread in between the Indian and...

  • Photo of Manhattan gone chic, New York


    Manhattan gone chic
    Surf music and beach volleyball

    TRAVEL INFO in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    Once you visit USA, you won't be able to get enough of it, not to even mention getting everywhere and see's like never ending place to discover, a totally diverse continent, a dreamland for many. It's enormous and diverse, a birthplace for some of the world's most famous cities , such as NY, Las Vegas and Los Angeles...America is an...

  • Photo of Fiji, spectacular underwater scenery, Nadi


    Fiji, spectacular underwater scenery
    Soft coral capital of the world

    TRAVEL INFO in Nadi, Fiji

    [ Book Hostels in Nadi ]

    Reefs packed with all kind of colorful, rare fishes, so of the most breathtaking beaches and very welcoming and smiley locals, that Fiji, one of the best destinations of all time. Take you sunscreen and few bikinis, that would be more than enough for unforgettable adventure, with sunny isles and cloudless skies, no wonder the citizens smiley all da...

  • Photo of Cape Town,  proudly multicultural city, Cape Town


    Cape Town, proudly multicultural city
    Traditional African beliefs

    TRAVEL INFO in Cape Town, South Africa

    [ Book Hostels in Cape Town ]

    One of the most iconic cities in the world, Cape Town is the southernmost city in the continent and capital of South Africa, covering a large area on the south west corner of the country and having a population of nearly 4 million inhabitants. Also known as "The Mother City", Cape Town is placed in an area that allows many different activities, bei...

  • Photo of Exotic chic and dynamic of old Asia, Hanoi


    Exotic chic and dynamic of old Asia
    Hanoi, mixes harmony with history

    TRAVEL INFO in Hanoi, Vietnam

    [ Book Hostels in Hanoi ]

    The capital of Vietnam and its second largest city, Hanoi is a blend of west and east, with influences of chinese and french culture from colonial times. It's the second largest city in the country, with more than seven million inhabitants, and it's lately being invaded by tons of tourists, for it has become one of the top destinations in the world...

  • Photo of Istanbul, Eastern Roman Empire, Istanbul


    Istanbul, Eastern Roman Empire
    Magnificent and unique of markets

    TRAVEL INFO in Istanbul, Turkish

    [ Book Hostels in Istanbul ]

    The magnificent and unique city of Istanbul, cultural and financial hub of Turkey, is historically a very important piece of land. Divided into two by the Bosphorus, a narrow strait linking the Marmara and Black Seas, the city played important role for long centuries as Byzantium and Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. Nowada...

  • Photo of Immense and pulsing, Seoul


    Immense and pulsing
    Seoul, dynamic mash up of markets

    TRAVEL INFO in Seoul, Korea

    [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

    Respectful, immense and pulsing, this is Seoul, with nearly 25 million people in the metropolitan area, where you can find and do basically anything. A jungle of concrete and neons, this city is a feast to the senses, and it seems impossible to go from a busy avenue with skyscrapers and street vendors to the peaceful atmosphere of the Buddhist temp...

  • Photo of Romance and drama in Montenegro, Podgorica


    Romance and drama in Montenegro
    Impossible to avoid this magical world

    TRAVEL INFO in Podgorica, Montenegro

    [ Book Hostels in Podgorica ]

    Montenegro won't leave you indifferent, it's a pearl of Mediterranean, located in the south of the Adriatic, this paradise will open you a brand new land to admire and love, with mild beaches, clear lakes and natural beauty that is outstanding. You will wake up breathing fresh mountain air, overlooking the gorgeous giant mountains, living side to s...

  • Photo of Sunny LA, unabashed optimism, Los Angeles


    Sunny LA, unabashed optimism
    Place for dreamers and go-getters

    TRAVEL INFO in Los Angeles, USA

    [ Book Hostels in Los Angeles ]

    Placed in a marvellous land, surrounded by deserts, mountain chains, beaches, valleys and forests, Los Angeles is the second most populous metropolitan area in the US, and an important center for media, agriculture, medicine, business, tourism and many others. The city is famous for Hollywood, and most of the tourists come because of the celebritie...

  • Photo of Perth, big city attractions and , Perth


    Perth, big city attractions and
    Sophisticated and cosmopolitan city

    TRAVEL INFO in Perth, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Perth ]

    They say it's the best city in Australia, Perth, I have no idea who are They, but one is for sure, it's hard to not love a place, where weather is mostly wonderful, beaches are stunning and the character of the locals is easygoing. Perth is a combination of big metropolis and relaxed surrounds, where every now and then you might find a peaceful cor...

  • Photo of Shanghai, Blend of East and West, Shanghai


    Shanghai, Blend of East and West
    The creative part of the Chinese culture

    TRAVEL INFO in Shanghai, China

    [ Book Hostels in Shanghai ]

    Shanghai is one of the most incredible cities not just in Asia, but in the world, once you will get to the renewed miracle, you will fall in love with it immediately. The metropolis has become the center of the culture and science,technology, situated on the estuary of the Yangtze River. Shanghai starts to draw more and more attention from the rest...

  • Photo of Vineyards and picturesque towns, Ischia


    Vineyards and picturesque towns
    Volcanic outcrop of Ischia

    TRAVEL INFO in Ischia, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Ischia ]

    The largest of the islands in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is an outcrop with volcanic activity that results on many volcanic muds, hot springs and thermal waters all over the island, what attracts millions of tourists every year. Ischia is also blessed with stunning beaches and very beautiful seas, with many resorts and activities. Summer is the pea...

  • Photo of Cote d'Azur, endless source of inspiration, Nice


    Cote d'Azur, endless source of inspiration
    Wondrous food and azure seas

    TRAVEL INFO in Nice, France

    [ Book Hostels in Nice ]

    Cote d'Azur also called the French Riviera, promising a perfect and unforgettable experience, it's also known as a playground for rich and famous. It's a region that was always wealthy and outstanding, home to stylish resorts such as Nice, Cannes and St Tropez, Monte Carlo. Back in 50's and 60's it seems like anyone who was someone went to Cote...

  • Photo of New York city, a place apart, New York


    New York city, a place apart
    Take a bite of the Big Apple

    TRAVEL INFO in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    There is no other existing city in the world to be compared with New York, it's simply unique, stunning and irreplaceable. It really doesn't matter what you visit in this city, it will always be ahead of the curve,few steps forward than the other metropolis in the world, they also call it the gateway to opportunity. A place, where any dream can c...

  • Photo of Home to Chilli and Chocolate , Mexico City


    Home to Chilli and Chocolate
    Los Mexicanos, positively charming

    TRAVEL INFO in Mexico City, Mexico

    [ Book Hostels in Mexico City ]

    Legends and stories won't be enough to truly live the Mexico life, where everything is possible and no preconceptions will ever live to reality, jungles, volcanoes with snow capped on the top, stunning beaches and laid back towns, that's the real Mexico, lagoons filled with wildlife and dangerous, warm Caribbean reefs and cold mountain hike and exq...

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