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    Greece Update
    Travel to Greece07.08.2015 TRAVEL INFO
    Athens, Greece [ Book Hostels in Athens ]
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    Hello,this is Sofia from AthenStyle hostel in Athens and I would like to give you am insight of the current situation.
    Watching the news of international media I have realized the situation looks almost unreal, I looked out of my window and the sun is shining, people are sipping iced coffees and beers at the cafes, Travellers strolling around discovering the ancient streets and planning their island hopping. And then again I looked at the TV and decided to switch it off.


  • Photo of Worldly and energetic Chile, Santiago


    Worldly and energetic Chile
    Old guard city Santiago

    TRAVEL INFO in Santiago, Chile

    [ Book Hostels in Santiago ]

    South America is a dream destinations for everyone, whether you are hot weather missing European, North American or African willing to get the endless South American experience. There is always a good time to visit this marvellous continent with its diverse landscapes and each country offering something unique and unusual. Chile, destination that c...

  • Photo of The best of Cape Town, Cape Town


    The best of Cape Town
    Mother City of Africa

    TRAVEL INFO in Cape Town, South Africa

    [ Book Hostels in Cape Town ]

    Yes, every city and country offers its visitors some diversity, but south Africa is special, it has it all, impressive mountains and gorgeous Rivers, the penguins waddling all over the country, specially Cape Town. It's literally at southern end of the continent the most epic one, diverse types of mother nature's generosity, so bring your cameras...

  • Photo of Timeless Guatemala, Antigua


    Timeless Guatemala
    Mysterious and challenging

    TRAVEL INFO in Antigua, Guatemala

    [ Book Hostels in Antigua ]

    If you are looking for that special holiday destination, Central America is Must, specially mysterious Guatemala that has the most diverse landscapes and adventures that will put that special spice to your vacation. This country has been captivating the world and its travelers for centuries, famous for its Maya traditions, that are still there, for...

  • Photo of Himalaya and Indian plains, Kathmandu


    Himalaya and Indian plains
    Kathmandu, the best in Nepal

    TRAVEL INFO in Kathmandu, Nepal

    [ Book Hostels in Kathmandu ]

    Nepal is one of still undiscovered treasures, it opened its borders for outsiders, for us, only back in 1950s, when this tiny mountain nation finally felt comfortable enough to represent its beauty to the rest of the world. It's in between the enormous wall of Himalaya and impressive, steamy jungles of Indian plains, it's a land of high mountains a...

  • Photo of Epic sweeps of golden valley, Goreme


    Epic sweeps of golden valley
    Goreme, open air museum

    TRAVEL INFO in Goreme, Istanbul

    [ Book Hostels in Goreme ]

    Turkey is one of the best place on earth , with a centuries rich history and wisdom, Istanbul is the hot spot, the tiny Goreme town is undeservedly left in the shadow. It's so small , that you should just walk through, moonscape valley, surrounded by golden hills, this village is worth more than you could imagine. Narrow streets will guide you to e...

  • Photo of Jamaica, the best green garden, Kingston


    Jamaica, the best green garden
    Jewel of Caribbean

    TRAVEL INFO in Kingston, Jamaica

    [ Book Hostels in Kingston ]

    The biggest Jewel of Caribbean, Jamaica, what's special about it? Well, if don't count the beautiful beaches, outdoor activities and the Blue Mountain Peak's view, the land itself is a huge , green garden! Also home to the world wide famous Bob Marley, Jamaica is so much more than just a pretty place with beaches, do not listen to the rumors that y...

  • Photo of Ancient Medinas of Morocco, Marrakech


    Ancient Medinas of Morocco
    Overwhelming and exotic Marrakech

    TRAVEL INFO in Marrakech, Morocco

    [ Book Hostels in Marrakech ]

    A whole new world, a place , where nothing else matters, where there is no other existence, just this moment, this place and you, Marrakech in Morocco, will take your heart and soul to a journey that will be carved there forever. Whatever you are looking for, you will find, and surprisingly more, beautiful carpets, boutiques and galleries, smell of...

  • Photo of Montevideo, the best waterfront, Montevideo


    Montevideo, the best waterfront
    Residential beach suburbs

    TRAVEL INFO in Montevideo, Uruguay

    [ Book Hostels in Montevideo ]

    Uruguay has always been in the shadow of Brazil and Argentina, all definitely unmerited! This tiny country is extremely safe, progressive, stable and stunning! Being the smallest country of big South America, culturally very sophisticated, it's one lifetime's experience, these are real life's moments, without polished corners for tourists, pricey r...

  • Photo of The best and truest Brazilian vibe, Florianopolis


    The best and truest Brazilian vibe
    Florianopolis, the island of magic

    TRAVEL INFO in Florianopolis, Brazil

    [ Book Hostels in Florianopolis ]

    Brazil is famous with the best carnivals in the world, extremely good looking population, who are for everything anything that's Big! There are countless cities and villages to visit, offering you a very diverse landscapes and adventures. Florianopolis is the capital of beautiful Santa Catarina, which is an island, with 560 km of coastline. People ...

  • Photo of Rollicking goldfields port, Cairns


    Rollicking goldfields port
    Cairns has sold its soul

    TRAVEL INFO in Cairns, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Cairns ]

    Australia, it seems that it has been there forever, but in reality the Mister James Cook discovered this island only back in 1775 ... so it's has become the sixth largest country in the world, also the smallest continent in the world,with a beautiful and very diverse natural scenery, from mountains to deserts, beaches and forests, a very multicultu...

  • Photo of Myriad adventures of Indonesia, Jakarta


    Myriad adventures of Indonesia
    Cool and glitzy Jakarta

    TRAVEL INFO in Jakarta, Indonesia

    [ Book Hostels in Jakarta ]

    Arriving to Indonesia, leave your mind somewhere home, come clean and clear, and take in Indonesia as much as possible, it's a marvelous ever-intoxicating and ever-intriguing land, waiting to be discovered and lived! Don't be too closed minded and get wild, get a scooter or jump in the train, driving with an open window, and trek through the wilde...

  • Photo of Budapest, often sad but confident city , Budapest


    Budapest, often sad but confident city
    Hot springs and never ending romance

    TRAVEL INFO in Budapest, Hungary

    [ Book Hostels in Budapest ]

    Rich history, baroque and neo-gothic architecture, smell of paprika and goulash, taste of honey bread "Tokay", Princess Sissi, fabulous Parliament, magyar motives...Of course you guessed that it's all about the most dazzling pearl of the Danube - Budapest. It had been two separate cities previously: Buda and Pest, but gradually happened territorial...

  • Photo of World Design Capital , Cape Town


    World Design Capital
    The Mother City, Cape Town

    TRAVEL INFO in Cape Town, South Africa

    [ Book Hostels in Cape Town ]

    One of the most iconic cities in the world, Cape Town is the southernmost city in the continent and capital of South Africa, covering a large area on the south west corner of the country and having a population of nearly 4 million inhabitants. Also known as "The Mother City", Cape Town is placed in an area that allows many different activities, bei...

  • Photo of People from the port, Buenos Aires


    People from the port
    Buenos Aires, a place to fall in love

    TRAVEL INFO in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

    The sexyest capital in the world, Buenos Aires, is a mix of elegance and European atmosphere, keeping pridely its strong identity and the wilderness of South America. Amazing cuisine, energetic nightlife, polite and friendly locals, that's what you're gonna find in Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan and unique city that is a must to go. Though it's a hu...

  • Photo of Imperial history of Vienna, Vienna


    Imperial history of Vienna
    Capital of music and great culinary

    TRAVEL INFO in Vienna, Austria

    [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]

    Vienna is the city of luxurious palaces and majestic squares, beautiful streets and countless parks. The Austrian capital with its thousand years history, thanks its galleries, concert halls and the world famous Vienna Opera become the European capital of culture. You can find almost all types and kinds of art here. A lot of tourists are coming ...

  • Photo of Tranquility is charm of Malta, Sliema


    Tranquility is charm of Malta
    City built by gentlemen for gentlemen

    TRAVEL INFO in Sliema, Malta

    [ Book Hostels in Sliema ]

    Malta will promise the perfect holidays, it's the perfect place like nowhere else, great temples, amazing cliffs and an incredible history of remarkable intensity. People in here makes most of the comfort being warm and extremely welcoming. The country is Roman Catholic, so countless , beautiful churches with towers over diminutive villages are gua...

  • Photo of Amsterdam on a bike, Amsterdam


    Amsterdam on a bike
    Dutch quality

    TRAVEL INFO in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

    Amsterdam has truly earned its title of "the best" in many categories, called Nord Venice for its many canals,165 canals were created over the centuries to stimulate trade to expand the city, famous for its nightlife, for its modern and very cozy coffee shops, also for the great museums and arts, such as Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum...there is n...

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