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Montenegro won't leave you indifferent, it's a pearl of Mediterranean, located in the south of the Adriatic, this paradise will open you a brand new land to admire and love, with mild beaches, clear lakes and natural beauty that is outstanding. You will wake up breathing fresh mountain air, overlooking the gorgeous giant mountains, living side to side the natural wealth of Montenegro.

Many will head there to heal,and that's true, Montenegro has great weather conditions, very clean ...

TRAVEL INFO in Podgorica, Montenegro [ Book Hostels in Podgorica ]
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Photo of Romance and drama in Montenegro, Podgorica

Romance and drama in Montenegro

Impossible to avoid this magical world, by staff

Montenegro won't leave you indifferent, it's a pearl of Mediterranean, located in the south of the Adriatic, this paradise will open you a brand new land to admire and love, with mild beaches, clear l... TRAVEL INFO in Podgorica, Montenegro [ Book Hostels in Podgorica ]

Photo of Sunny LA, unabashed optimism, Los Angeles

Sunny LA, unabashed optimism

Place for dreamers and go-getters, by staff

Placed in a marvellous land, surrounded by deserts, mountain chains, beaches, valleys and forests, Los Angeles is the second most populous metropolitan area in the US, and an important center for medi... TRAVEL INFO in Los Angeles, USA [ Book Hostels in Los Angeles ]

Photo of Perth, big city attractions and , Perth

Perth, big city attractions and

Sophisticated and cosmopolitan city, by staff

They say it's the best city in Australia, Perth, I have no idea who are They, but one is for sure, it's hard to not love a place, where weather is mostly wonderful, beaches are stunning and the charac... TRAVEL INFO in Perth, Australia [ Book Hostels in Perth ]

Photo of Shanghai, Blend of East and West, Shanghai

Shanghai, Blend of East and West

The creative part of the Chinese culture, by staff

Shanghai is one of the most incredible cities not just in Asia, but in the world, once you will get to the renewed miracle, you will fall in love with it immediately. The metropolis has become the cen... TRAVEL INFO in Shanghai, China [ Book Hostels in Shanghai ]

Photo of Vineyards and picturesque towns, Ischia

Vineyards and picturesque towns

Volcanic outcrop of Ischia, by staff

The largest of the islands in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is an outcrop with volcanic activity that results on many volcanic muds, hot springs and thermal waters all over the island, what attracts mill... TRAVEL INFO in Ischia, Italy [ Book Hostels in Ischia ]

Photo of Cote d'Azur, endless source of inspiration, Nice

Cote d'Azur, endless source of inspiration

Wondrous food and azure seas, by Hostel in Europe

Cote d'Azur also called the French Riviera, promising a perfect and unforgettable experience, it's also known as a playground for rich and famous. It's a region that was always wealthy and outstandin... TRAVEL INFO in Nice, France [ Book Hostels in Nice ]

Photo of New York city, a place apart, New York

New York city, a place apart

Take a bite of the Big Apple, by staff

There is no other existing city in the world to be compared with New York, it's simply unique, stunning and irreplaceable. It really doesn't matter what you visit in this city, it will always be ahead... TRAVEL INFO in New York, USA [ Book Hostels in New York ]

Photo of Home to Chilli and Chocolate , Mexico City

Home to Chilli and Chocolate

Los Mexicanos, positively charming, by staff

Legends and stories won't be enough to truly live the Mexico life, where everything is possible and no preconceptions will ever live to reality, jungles, volcanoes with snow capped on the top, stunnin... TRAVEL INFO in Mexico City, Mexico [ Book Hostels in Mexico City ]

Photo of Cape Town, the Mother City, Cape Town

Cape Town, the Mother City

Troubled history and unique flavours, by staff

The colorful and simply incredible Cape Town will keep all your dreams in one place, it's Africa's everything The Most, beautiful, romantic and also most visited city. It's set along the mountainous C... TRAVEL INFO in Cape Town, South Africa [ Book Hostels in Cape Town ]

Photo of Milan, no obvious soul, Milan

Milan, no obvious soul

Extravagant taste and never ending style, by staff

The life of a traveler is not as simple as it may seem. Many countries have hidden gems and beautiful countrysides that are off the guides and not often spoken of, and these are exactly the places tha... TRAVEL INFO in Milan, Italy [ Book Hostels in Milan ]

Photo of Argigento, Tempio di Giove, Agrigento

Argigento, Tempio di Giove

Built for eternity but feasted as if there were no tomorrow, by staff

One of the most breathtaking destination in Italy is the city of Agrigento, in Sicily. Established by Greeks with the name of Akragas, the city flourished, becoming one of the richest and most famous ... TRAVEL INFO in Agrigento, Italy [ Book Hostels in Agrigento ]

Photo of Washington, city born of politics, Washington DC

Washington, city born of politics

House of the unique hugest free museums, by staff

House of the unique hugest free museums in the world, Washington is the capital of the United States. It is a city born of politics, by politics and for politics. There's so much of everything that y... TRAVEL INFO in Washington DC, USA [ Book Hostels in Washington DC ]

Photo of Cyprus sold soul, Paphos

Cyprus sold soul

Home of Aphrodite goddess, by staff

Cyprus is the Mediterranean island that crossroads to three continents, you will never get tired of discovering Cyprus, the sun is always there and West meets East, where georges beaches invites you e... TRAVEL INFO in Paphos, Cyprus [ Book Hostels in Paphos ]

Photo of Syracuse, the pearl of Sicily, Syracuse

Syracuse, the pearl of Sicily

Deep blue waters by the angry god, by staff

Not everyone knows that the ancient Greeks had cities and colonies where today is Sicily, in Italy. Visiting the island one can see many ancient temples, statues and artifacts in museums dedicated onl... TRAVEL INFO in Syracuse, Italy [ Book Hostels in Syracuse ]

Photo of Fame and influence of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Fame and influence of Rio de Janeiro

Samba and Bossa Nova, by staff

Important in almost every aspect, Rio de Janeiro has fame and influence. It has its political, cultural and economical importance in South America and to the travelers, it's a must to see. Rio is the ... TRAVEL INFO in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [ Book Hostels in Rio de Janeiro ]

Photo of Chile, a wonder in every detail, Santiago

Chile, a wonder in every detail

Adventure on the way to have one, by staff

Chile is the second country in South America that does not border Brazil, it occupies a coastal strip in between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains, that occupies one third of Chile. The countr... TRAVEL INFO in Santiago, Chile [ Book Hostels in Santiago ]

Photo of Porto, riverside wine caves, Porto

Porto, riverside wine caves

Ancient roots and lively commerce, by staff

They say about many cities, there is no other like...but this one is really unique one, for hopeless romantic ones to edgy destination seeking travellers..Porto, the second largest city in Portugal.... TRAVEL INFO in Porto, Portugal [ Book Hostels in Porto ]

Photo of New York, New York, New York

New York, New York

Dreams come true city, by staff

There is no need for an excuse or reason to visit the world wide famous New York city, it's simply Must! But still, it's a human need, to plan, to ask , a "Why" you are going there , and " What" will ... TRAVEL INFO in New York, Usa [ Book Hostels in New York ]

Photo of Jungles, deserts and fiestas, Cancun

Jungles, deserts and fiestas

Cancun, little paradise in Mexico, by staff

It's all about jungles, deserts and fiestas, you will be surprised how much diversity Mexico can offer, it's a Must destination, where everyone should be going. It's a country that handles anything an... TRAVEL INFO in Cancun, Mexico [ Book Hostels in Cancun ]

Photo of Topaz waters and white sand beaches of Seychelles, Mahe Island

Topaz waters and white sand beaches of Seychelles

Generous Mother Nature, blessing it with 115 islands, by staff

If you feel like escaping the winter and the cold, Seychelles will save you and set your mood on 100 percent of positive energy! 115 islands are blessed with weather, landscape and good food, mother n... TRAVEL INFO in Mahe Island, Seychelles [ Book Hostels in Mahe Island ]

Photo of Cinque Terre, surrounded by vineyards, Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, surrounded by vineyards

Pearl and treasure of Italy, by staff

Early winter has completely covered Italy, the beautiful land, where the winter is amazingly pleasant season, with cool mornings and evenings, but still very sunny days, generally January has got good... TRAVEL INFO in Cinque Terre, Italian [ Book Hostels in Cinque Terre ]

Photo of Bratislava, most amazing modern arts, Bratislava

Bratislava, most amazing modern arts

Glimpse of medieval times, by staff

Lost in the world, that barely keeps the old folkways, that signs up for anything and everything that's new and modern, it becomes so rare to find something original, unique and specific to each count... TRAVEL INFO in Bratislava, Slovakia [ Book Hostels in Bratislava ]

Photo of Florida, place that captures the imagination , Miami

Florida, place that captures the imagination

Paradise, disturbed by Miamis condos, by staff

Feeling like you had enough of snow and cold? Disney described this city as place that captures imagination, and he was right, from the very beginning Spanish explorers wanted Florida to be their so b... TRAVEL INFO in Miami, USA [ Book Hostels in Miami ]

Photo of Costa Rica or Rich Coast, San Jose

Costa Rica or Rich Coast

Paradise on earth, by staff

Planning vacation that you will never forget? Try Costa Rica, lying between Nicaragua and Panama. Costa Rica is marvellous country with diverse culture, history, nature activities and people living i... TRAVEL INFO in San Jose, Costa Rica [ Book Hostels in San Jose ]

Photo of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, Beijing

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin Lantern show , by staff

The cold has taken Europe, but you can't imagine what is expected in Asia...the annual Ice and Snow Sculpture festival with -35 degrees, so prepare your gloves, hats and curiosity, that will open you ... TRAVEL INFO in Beijing, China [ Book Hostels in Beijing ]

Photo of Liechtenstein, stunning natural beauty, Schaan

Liechtenstein, stunning natural beauty

Fabulous wine and cheese, by staff

Liechtenstein might be the sixth smallest country in the world, but what it might offer is a lot more than some of the biggest countries. Mother nature loves it a lot, giving it a spectacular views of... TRAVEL INFO in Schaan, Liechtenstein [ Book Hostels in Schaan ]

Photo of Pyramids, sand covered tombs and temples, Cairo

Pyramids, sand covered tombs and temples

Cairo, most traveller friendly in Middle East, by staff

ere is no other country that would say so often Welcome, and would actually mean it, Egyptians still have their charm, as they had back in time, as their ancient civilisation still awes, today's one i... TRAVEL INFO in Cairo, Egypt [ Book Hostels in Cairo ]

Photo of Riyadh, more than dusty desert, Dubai

Riyadh, more than dusty desert

Soaring, sparkling and simply stunning skyscrapers, by staff

You have probably never heard of city called Riyadh, which is much more than just a dusty, desert, it has become one of the fastest growing cites in the world. The population in this city has tripled ... TRAVEL INFO in Dubai, United Arab Emirates [ Book Hostels in Dubai ]

Photo of Quito, perfectly mixing the old and modern, Quito

Quito, perfectly mixing the old and modern

Entirely different world, by staff

Once you arrive to Quito, you will be surprised about almost everything, seeing women carrying impossibly heavy loads, impossible to carry, hearing blind accordion player,that breaks your heart, an ... TRAVEL INFO in Quito, Ecuador [ Book Hostels in Quito ]

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