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    World's Best City for cycling
    Copenhagen05.07.2020 TOP VISITED CITIES
    Copenhagen, Denmark [ Book Hostels in Copenhagen ]
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    People in Copenhagen use the bicycle all the time, in every weather conditions, sunny rain snow. The bike for fun to go for shopping and also to go to work.

    They are cycling also to take kids to school or to go to a park for a picnic with friends in a nice sunny day.

    Use the bicycles is what Copenhageners love the most. They can keep their self healthy, athletics, in a...

  • Photo of New York City, New York


    New York City
    Guide Concrete Jungle


    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    From Central Park to the Empire State Building, New York is no doubt one of the most enticing cities in the world. The long list of attractions bring in over a whopping 65 million tourist per year. With a vast variety of food, art, bars, monuments, parks, fashion, this city truly has something to offer to all walks of life.  Being the most vi...

  • Photo of 7 Seoul Best to see, Seoul


    7 Seoul Best to see
    Capital of South Korea

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Seoul, South Korea

    [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

    Seoul is the capital city of South Korea.It’s a huge metropolis where modern skyscrapers and meet Buddhist temples. Half of the country’s population lives in the city and in the metro area, making it the 5th largest metro area populated in the world.  Noryangjin Fish Market It’s home to more than a hundred fish stores, open...

  • Photo of London for FREE, London


    London for FREE
    5 Best things to do

    TOP VISITED CITIES in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    5 Best things to do in London for FREE The Royal City, for ages, this city has been known as a sophisticated and really expensive city, and is understandable, well, the home of the most important monarchy in the world and headquarter of three Olympic Games; but, can you believe that is possible enjoy big part of London totally free?. Keep reading ...

  • Photo of Rome, Rome


    The legend

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Rome is the capital city of Italy. It’s the fourth most populous city in Europe.Rome’s history dates the founding of Rome around 753 BC, and according to the myth, the origin of the name Roma comes from the city founder and first king, Romulus. The legend of Romulus and Remus tells us about two twins whose a she-wolf had taken care...

  • Photo of New York City, New York


    New York City
    The city


    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    New York is the most densely populated city in the United States.  It consists of five boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island.  Central Park There are many things to do in New York.  You can visit the magical Central Park, very famous for its employment in movies and fictions The design of this urb...

  • Photo of Dublin, Dublin


    Welcome to the Pale

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Dublin, Ireland

    [ Book Hostels in Dublin ]

    So You've decided to visit infamous Dublin. Very good choice! Whatever You're looking for in the capital of Ireland – culture, history or a hopping nightlife – You’ll find plenty of things to do while You’re here. The locals and the city itself will make You feel welcome and right at home with tons of things to do and see du...

  • Photo of Singapore, Singapore


    The island city-state

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Singapore, Singapore

    [ Book Hostels in Singapore ]

    Singapore is an island city-state located in South East Asia. Well known city for its growing strong economy, and for its high-technological innovations, it is a global hub for non-stop action. With a rich art and culture is home to thousands of pieces of art and collections that can be found in the National Museum of Singapore, the National Galler...

  • Photo of SAINT PATRICK'S DAY , Dublin


    The celebration of irish culture

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Dublin, Ireland

    [ Book Hostels in Dublin ]

    Saint Patrick’s day is a holiday that celebrates the Irish culture all around the world with parades, music, dance, and drinking. It’s celebrated the 17th of March, the day of the death of Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. The myth of Saint Patrick @wikipedia-abdavis95 The importance of Saint Patrick for Irish culture is r...

  • Photo of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


    Hong Kong
    love at first sight

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    [ Book Hostels in Hong Kong ]

    From the most breathtaking view of the modern and astonishing skyline to the best hikes into the wild nature that surround the city. Junk Boat and Star Ferry @pxhere The most recognizable and iconic tourist tours in Hong Kong are those on board a boat. The choice is between a modern ferry or a traditional Chinese junk boat. Both provide the ...

  • Photo of Berlin the capital cut in two, Berlin


    Berlin the capital cut in two
    modern and ancient

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Berlin, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

    Cycling through Berlin is an experience not to be missed. Giant parks, canal paths, and beautiful architectures easy to be seen by bike because of the flat geography that makes your trip to Berlin more exciting. Brandenburg Gate @ wikipedia PedelecsIt’s the Berlin most recognizable monument. Brandenburg Gate is obligatory, and it’s ch...

  • Photo of The Best in Seoul, Seoul


    The Best in Seoul
    Explore ancient and modern

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Seoul, South Korea

    [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

    Seoul is a mix of modern buildings, popular styles, and ancient places The best way to explore Seoul is by doing a journey through time, starting from the very beginning where the city was anything but natural. Indeed, you can relax in one of many preserved and enormous parks in the city: Bukhansan National Park, a mountainous oasis located in nor...

  • Photo of City of Art and Nature, Melbourne


    City of Art and Nature
    Melbourne, Australia

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Melbourne, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Melbourne ]

    Green parks and mountains, that’s Melbourne. Here you can enjoy Australian Downunder nature at its finest. Also the city of Arts, new styles meet Aboriginal work arts. Royal Botanic Gardens Royal Botanic Gardens - @WikipediaThe city green heart is the best free thing to do in Melbourne. The Botanic Gardens is a beautiful mix of Aboriginal H...

  • Photo of 6 Best spots in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro


    6 Best spots in Rio de Janeiro
    Wonderful city

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    [ Book Hostels in Rio de Janeiro ]

    The city to practice fitness, sports, local dances always in contact with nature and culture: in Rio, you can experience to work out on the beach with thousands of people or ride a bicycle through parks and beaches paths.  COPACABANAWe start our journey in Rio’s most famous shore, Copacabana. The always crowded and active beach is the be...

  • Photo of One day in Barcelona, Barcelona


    One day in Barcelona
    Ultimate guide

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    One day in Barcelona and not sure what to see? Have a quick look at our 5 tips of things to do in Barcelona to make the most of your short stay in the city of Gaudi.  Most important building The one place that you absolutely can’t miss during your visit to Catalonia’s capital is its most iconic landmark – La Sagrada Familia....

  • Photo of Toronto a journey into cultures, Toronto


    Toronto a journey into cultures
    Arts, tastes and perfumes

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Toronto, Canada

    [ Book Hostels in Toronto ]

    Toronto is known as one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in the world. Visiting Toronto is a full journey into cultures, arts, tastes, and perfumes from all over the world. A modern and innovating City surrounded by spectacular and beautiful natural areas.The skyline of the City is recognizable thanks to the amazing shape of the CN...

  • Photo of 5 Reason to visit Rome in winter., Rome


    5 Reason to visit Rome in winter.
    Rome, Italy

    TOP VISITED CITIES in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    The reasons to visit Rome are many as the year of the city. We decided to give 5 reasons to visit Rome in the winter. They have been selected from a long list of reasons. Here is the list: 1. NOT SO MANY TOURISTS This will help you to spend more time inside the museums and not waiting in a long line like at Colosseum of the Vatican Museum.2. BE...

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