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    AthenStyle Hostel Hotel
    The most popular Hostel in Athens?08.12.2008 HOSTELS NEWS
    Athens, Greece [ Book Hostels in Athens ]
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    From the very beginning of the opening on 1st of June 2008, AthenStyle has set the standards and is taking over the popularity contest of the best hostel in Athens. A crowd of people came from all over the world to visit this fantastic opening event with high expectations. What they got was exactly that! The array of visitors that day was amazing and through the hard work of all the staff, AthenStyle will not be where it is today.

    The Modern and uniqueness of the hostel will blow...

  • Photo of I-Livemusic is online now!, Bruges


    I-Livemusic is online now!
    new idea from the i-hostels team

    HOSTELS NEWS in Bruges, Belgium

    [ Book Hostels in Bruges ]

    On the 1st of August 2008, we launched the "i-Livemusic" project which gives opportunity for young bands just like yours to perform in one of the i-Hostels! For this, we created where we collect artists and their ideas - so everyone who feels like travelling Europe and performing his/her own music in the multicultural walls ...

  • Photo of August 2008 in Rome, Rome


    August 2008 in Rome
    M&J Hostel Specials

    HOSTELS NEWS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Ciao from Roma! We’d like to invite all of you to enjoy the summer in our wonderful city. There are lots of bars and cafes where you can go and live the “ Roma Dolce Vita “. There are also many concerts, museums and lots of historical place to visit and love. e.g. with 1 € and a 40 min metro ride ( or rent a scooter with a more th...

  • Photo of The Wolf Den Hostel and Nature Retreat , Algonquin Park


    The Wolf Den Hostel and Nature Retreat
    Empowering Ancient Ways

    HOSTELS NEWS in Algonquin Park, Canada

    [ Book Hostels in Algonquin Park ]

    The Wolf Den Hostel and Nature Retreat is very proud to once again be hosting Empowering Ancient Ways, put on by Sticks and Stones Wilderness School. Empowering Ancient ways ran earlier this year and was a hugely powerful and awe inspiring experience for 16 extremely satisfied students. Simply, it just had to run again! The Wolf Den Hostel and...

  • Photo of New Hostel in Barcelona, Barcelona


    New Hostel in Barcelona
    Eco-Friendly Hostel

    HOSTELS NEWS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    It could be because of its cosmopolitan character, its capacity to generate new trends, the breeze that blows from the Mediterranean or because Gaudí, and Dalí. For many reasons, today Barcelona is one of the most attractive world destinations. With these qualities and character in mind, we've created the Barcelona Urbany Hostel. A vibrant cent...

  • Photo of Italy Farm Stay, Rome


    Italy Farm Stay
    Abruzi National Park

    HOSTELS NEWS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Come and enjoy the charm of rural Italy! This is a real, authentic agriturismo. A self-sufficient Organic Farm, well-served by buses and trains, right between Rome and Naples (around 2 hours from both cities) in Abruzzi National Park - the oldest national park in Italy. The park is one of the most important and beautiful parks in the whole of Europ...

  • Photo of Room Rotterdam Hostel, Rotterdam


    Room Rotterdam Hostel
    11-12-13 July 2008

    HOSTELS NEWS in Rotterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Rotterdam ]

    11-12-13 July 2008: North Sea Jazz Festival! We're all counting down to the North Sea Jazz Festival 2008 and look forward to see all our guests again who have been here the first two years as well. This year we have a special free Jazz lunchconcert for all of you! On Saturday the 12th of July at 12 noon Dr. Teeth and the Electric Jazz Ma...

  • Photo of Sir Toby's hostel Prague, Prague


    Sir Toby's hostel Prague
    Happy 9th Birthday July 4th

    HOSTELS NEWS in Prague,

    [ Book Hostels in Prague ]

    We like to wish you the Best Happy Birthday to one of the best hostels in the World. Already on the scene for the past 9 years. Sir Toby's Hostel Prague Auguri di Buon Compleanno from the Staff and all the network. AUGURI Mathias & Co Mario & Friends...

  • Photo of Lisbon Poets Hostel, Lisbon


    Lisbon Poets Hostel
    1st of June changing place!

    HOSTELS NEWS in Lisbon, Portugal

    [ Book Hostels in Lisbon ]

    Hi! The Lisbon Poets Hostel has changed to a brand new location, after the 1st of June, even closer to the heart of the city, just over the most famous coffee in Lisbon, "A Brasileira"... Now you will feel the best Lisbon! We have available 2,4 and 6 beds dorms, private and twin rooms, and also a small apartment, always with free wi-fi access, ...

  • Photo of Anne Aagaard - Rome, Rome


    Anne Aagaard - Rome
    Almost done the job

    HOSTELS NEWS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Anne is almost done with a great job. If you are in Rome and you like to enjoy the great art please come and see us. We all here at M&J would like to thank you Anne for the extraordinary Work that she have done with passion and some crazy advise... We would like to invite you to come and see the "View of Rome" and "The 7 steps of Rome". Pl...

  • Photo of Hostels, Greece & AthenStyle, Athens


    Hostels, Greece & AthenStyle
    Just opened June 08

    HOSTELS NEWS in Athens, Greece

    [ Book Hostels in Athens ]

    Hostels have often been seen only as an accommodation solution for backpackers. However, even if low price is many times the first reason for a traveller to stay in a hostel, it is not the only reason nowadays for people to choose hostels over hotels. Travellers go to hostels to meet new people, make connections, to learn about different cultures a...

  • Photo of Hostel in Italy New Entry, Venice


    Hostel in Italy New Entry
    21 cities 24 hostels

    HOSTELS NEWS in Venice, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Venice ]

    Hostel in Italy increase the number of hostels that join the free network. Only 6 months are past and the number are grow fast. We can count 21 cities and 24 hostels located all over the "Boot". The last 2 hostels that joined are in order Perugia Farmhouse Backpacker Hostel - Locate in Perugia 1 hr from Florence in the center of Umbria. OndaR...

  • Photo of Zaragoza Hostel, Zaragoza


    Zaragoza Hostel
    Welcome to the New Hostel in Zaragoza!!!

    HOSTELS NEWS in Zaragoza, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Zaragoza ]

    We just open a new Hostel close to the International Expo Zaragoza 2008. The hostel is an unbelievable medieval building that we completely refurbished keeping the original style of the great palace it used to be! We are located right in the city centre and next to the great views of the river. We are inside the historical neighbourhood and next to...

  • Photo of AthenStyle, Athens


    Beds, Suites & Bar

    HOSTELS NEWS in Athens, Greece

    [ Book Hostels in Athens ]

    The Hostel has finally found its place in Athens, in the real heart of the city in the historical Monastiraki and right next to the unique “Psyri” neighborhood. Psyri neighborhood, except from being the heart of “AthenStyle” nightlife is now home to well kept art galleries that have brought the art scene closer to life. Among the narrow s...

  • Photo of Three new i-Hostels, Athens


    Three new i-Hostels
    Athens , Catania and Copenhagen

    HOSTELS NEWS in Athens, Greece

    [ Book Hostels in Athens ]

    Three new members ready to rock our network more and more! I-Hostels is proud to announce that three new hostels joined our network: the AthenStyle Hostel in Athens, the Sleep in Heaven in Copenhagen and the Agora Hostel in Catania! Three amazing hostels in three of the most fascinating cities in Europe. AthenStyle Hostel is located beneath the A...

  • Photo of Five Best: Chic Hostels, Prague


    Five Best: Chic Hostels
    Europe Famouse Hostels

    HOSTELS NEWS in Prague, Czech Republic

    [ Book Hostels in Prague ]

    A little bit of luxury for backpackers on a budget. Room, Rotterdam Room describes itself as Europe's first "theme hostel", but it's classier than that. Situated in the city's old shipping quarter, in an Art Deco building, its decor is stylish. There's the opulent eight-bed Royal room, the colourful six-bed Festival, the folksy five-bed Dutch ...

  • Photo of I-Decorate, Milan


    a I-Hostels project

    HOSTELS NEWS in Milan, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Milan ]

    On the 1st of April 2008, we,, will launch the “i-Decorate” contest, sending young European artists, of 18 years and over, all over Europe. We want to give you, as an artist, the chance to make art abroad and thus expanding your artistic horizons! Send us your ideas or images of your work and maybe you can travel Europe and bring ...

  • Photo of Mokolodi Backpackers Botswana, Cape Town


    Mokolodi Backpackers Botswana
    Nature and backpacking form a unity

    HOSTELS NEWS in Cape Town, South Africa

    [ Book Hostels in Cape Town ]

    Enjoy the wide open spaces, where nature and backpacking form a unity. Take pleasure in the hospitality of the Botswana people, infinite blue skies and sunsets to soothe the soul. Come as a stranger and leave as a friend. Set amongst idyllic scenery of African bush, surrounded by indigenous fauna, Mokolodi Backpackers' comfortable self-caterin...

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