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    Santas Neighbourhood Syntagma Square
    Christmas Greek Style 7 31st December Athens10.25.2010 EVENTS
    Athens, Greece [ Book Hostels in Athens ]
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    Each December Athens Syntagma Square comes alive as it welcomes in Christmas with ornate decorations, Christmas inspired entertainment and activities and a chance to meet the man in the red coat himself!

    This celebration is kick-started by the lighting of the Christmas Tree adorned with huge colourful balls and thousands of sparkling lights, revellers will also enjoy the stunning antique carasel on display that dates back to 1886, it features brightly painted horses and gorgeous car...

  • Photo of The Montol Festival, London


    The Montol Festival
    Penzance England 16th 21st December

    EVENTS in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    If “The Choosing of the Lord of Misrule”, “The Hill fort Beacon Ceremony or “The Chalking of the Mock” sounds intriguing to you, then the annual Montol Festival could be just your thing! This revered ceremonial celebration dates back well into Cornish history. The festival itself lasts for 6 days, however it’s on the last night tha...

  • Photo of The Surin Elephant Round Up , Bangkok


    The Surin Elephant Round Up
    Elephants on Parade Surin, Thailand 20-21 Nov

    EVENTS in Bangkok, Thailand

    [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]

    If you are thinking of visiting Thailand in November and are interested in seeing something a little different to market stalls, beautiful beaches and temples, then the Surin Elephant Round Up could be something for you! Each year thousands of people flock to this spectacular event held at Sri Narong Staduim, were over 250 very well trained elephan...

  • Photo of Ready to see the Colosseum All, Rome


    Ready to see the Colosseum All
    Finally you can see from Top to bottom

    EVENTS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Underground dungeons at Rome's Colosseum, considered to be one of the great feats of Roman architecture and where gladiators once locked in mortal combat, it's ALL open to the public for the first time. Roman amphitheatre have never been opened for public viewing - an upper area of the ancient monument that had been closed since the 1970s. But r...

  • Photo of Halloween has been making amazing progress! , Florence


    Halloween has been making amazing progress!
    in Italy it is a big party...

    EVENTS in Florence, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Florence ]

    Halloween is an annual holiday observed on october 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday All Saint's Day. Today it's largely a secular celebration. The word Halloween is first attested in 16th century and represents a Scottish variant of the fuller All-Hallows-Even (evening)-a night before All Hallows Day. Hal...

  • Photo of NEW YEAR'S EVE 2011 SENSATION WHITE in DUSSELDORF, Dusseldorf


    A Great Party

    EVENTS in Dusseldorf, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Dusseldorf ]

    Another date Sensation at the Esprit Arena of the magic german city. Hi-land offers attractive packages from € 180 including: registration fee, insurance, Lufthansa flights from Rome / Milan, 2 or 3 nights B&B in 4 star Hotel (accommodation in single, double or triple rooms) Not included: entrance ticket (€ 77) and air taxes (€ 91.38 per pe...

  • Photo of U2 change the world for the better., Rome


    U2 change the world for the better.
    Rome concert

    EVENTS in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    U2 is a rock band from Dublin, Ireland. They started to play as a band named Feedback back in 1976. On 1978 they took a part in Ireland's talent show, that got attention of CBS Records and an offer to record demos. That moment they switched their name to U2, which is shrouded in various legends and stories. Their first album “Boy” was release...

  • Photo of Campus Party Valencia 2010, Valencia


    Campus Party Valencia 2010
    The entrance to the digital world

    EVENTS in Valencia, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Valencia ]

    Campus Party is recognized as the largest gathering of technology, creativity, entertainment and digital culture network in the world. An annual event held since 1997 and meets for seven days to thousands of participants with their computers from all over Spain and other nations to share concerns, exchange experiences and all kinds of activities re...

  • Photo of International music and dance festival of Granada., Granada


    International music and dance festival of Granada.
    Boston Ballet, Flamenco nights and theather in most beautiful city of South Spain

    EVENTS in Granada, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Granada ]

    This festival is one of the biggest music festival of the world. It propose dance and flamenco shows and classic music concert and operas. The shows are organized in the most wonderful places of the city, as the Carlos V Palace, the Manuel de Falla auditorium, the Isabel la Catolica's theater or the out door Generalife garden. If you plan on c...

  • Photo of Hindu Festival - Ratha Yatra 13 of July, 2010, Puri


    Hindu Festival - Ratha Yatra 13 of July, 2010
    Puri, India

    EVENTS in Puri, India

    [ Book Hostels in Puri ]

    The biggest and the grandest of all festivals and the highlight is the sacred journey. Ratha Yatra is a huge Hindu festival associated with Lord Jagannath held at Puri in the state of Orissa, India during the months of June (Rainy Season). Most of the city's society is based around the worship of Jagannath (Krishna) with the ancient temple being t...

  • Photo of Bogota - Rock al Parque: 3 - 5 of July 2010, Bogota


    Bogota - Rock al Parque: 3 - 5 of July 2010
    Bogota, Colombia

    EVENTS in Bogota, Colombia

    [ Book Hostels in Bogota ]

    Rock al Parque is a rock music festival taking place in Bogotá, Colombia, since 1995. The festival is considered the largest of its kind in the world, being 'free of charge' for entry. 'Rock al Parque' is part of "Festivals at the Park", a series of festivals organized by Bogotá's Secretariat of Culture, Recreation and Sports. It is the oldest an...

  • Photo of Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe Valencia, Valencia


    Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe Valencia
    Pit Walk open doors day

    EVENTS in Valencia, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Valencia ]

    Valencia organizes for the 2nd time the Formula 1 Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe and present the open door day. Tuesday 24th of June, 2000 fans will be able to participate to the Pit Walk (open door), in this act the only ones which will have access are those which have their entrance tickets for the 3 days of the competition. This initiative give...

  • Photo of Tour de France: 3 - 25 of July, 2010, Paris


    Tour de France: 3 - 25 of July, 2010
    Paris, France

    EVENTS in Paris, France

    [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

    Spend your summer win France with Tour de France. The famous Tour de France is a bicycle race known around the world. Between the 3rd and the 25th of July enjoy the best moments of bycicling sport. In 2010, the Netherlands, which gave the bicycle its nickname of “little queen”, will host the Grand Départ of the Tour for the fifth time. The Tou...

  • Photo of The Festival Of San Fermin: 6 -  14 of July, 2010, Pamplona


    The Festival Of San Fermin: 6 - 14 of July, 2010
    Pamplona, Spain

    EVENTS in Pamplona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Pamplona ]

    The Running of the Bulls is a practice that involves running in front of six bulls that have been let loose, on a course of a sectioned-off subset of a town's streets. The most famous running of the bulls is that of the nine-day festival of San Fermín in Pamplona. For 9 days every July the small city of Pamplona turns into a sea of red and white a...

  • Photo of The Inti Raymi Festival: 24 of June, 2010, Cuzco


    The Inti Raymi Festival: 24 of June, 2010
    Cuzco, Peru

    EVENTS in Cuzco, Peru

    [ Book Hostels in Cuzco ]

    The Inti Raymi ("Festival of the Sun") was a religious ceremony of the Inca Empire in honor of the god Inti. It's the second biggest celebration in South America after Rio's carnival. Before the colonial Spaniards banned the ceremonial events occurring each Winter Solstice in Cuzco, the native residents gathered to honor the Sun God, sacrifice an a...

  • Photo of Eurovision Song Contest: 29 of May, 2010, Oslo


    Eurovision Song Contest: 29 of May, 2010
    Oslo, Norway

    EVENTS in Oslo, Norway

    [ Book Hostels in Oslo ]

    Eurovision is like the music Olympics. The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union. The event has a huge number of spectators every year. The Eurovision Song Contest 2010 will be the 55th annual Eurovision Song Contest. The contest will take place at the Telenor Arena, ...

  • Photo of Barcelona Festival: 17 of June - 1 of August, 2010, Barcelona


    Barcelona Festival: 17 of June - 1 of August, 2010
    Barcelona, Spain

    EVENTS in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    The summer capital of Europe is going to offer you a good entertainment. The Grec Festival always manages to strike a balance between marquee name projects and local or avant-garde productions. The Festival Grec de Barcelona, also known as the Barcelona Festival or simply El Grec, is an annual summer festival held in Barcelona. What can you expect?...

  • Photo of Dublin Writers Festival: 1 - 6 of June, 2010, Dublin


    Dublin Writers Festival: 1 - 6 of June, 2010
    Dublin, Ireland

    EVENTS in Dublin, Ireland

    [ Book Hostels in Dublin ]

    Love reading, and want to know all about the literature, new books and best-sellers. Plan your trip to Dublin. From the 1st of June to the 6th of June, 2010 the great festival will be held for everyone who cannot imagine their life without a literature. The Dublin Writers Festival is Ireland's premier literary event celebrating the very best of Iri...

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