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    Azerbaijan Baku, very lively city
    Dynamic boom town09.05.2011 DESTINATIONS
    Baku, Azerbaijan [ Book Hostels in Baku ]
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    Azerbaijan fascinates with its ancient historical empires, the 60% of the land is covered by mountains. The country has been associate by a long time with Asia and the Middle East. It's considered to be similar to the CIS country Georgia, which now is a part of Europe.

    Its located on the western edge of the Caspian Sea, unfortunately this nice geographical position was a reason why Azerbaijan over many Centuries were under numerous empires control. Some most important like Alexan...

  • Photo of Trinidad in Cuba, Trinidad


    Trinidad in Cuba
    Hot sleepy town

    DESTINATIONS in Trinidad, Paraguay

    [ Book Hostels in Trinidad ]

    Trinidad is one of the most visited towns in Cuba with its special atmosphere and part of its intrinsic beauty, which is located in the central province of Sancti Espiritus. Trinidad has a charm and colonial atmosphere that doesn't compare to anything in the world. Its unique uneven cobbled streets, plazas, churches makes it so warm and welcomi...

  • Photo of Visit the land of the Thunder Dragon, Kathmandu


    Visit the land of the Thunder Dragon
    the happiest country in Asia

    DESTINATIONS in Kathmandu, Nepal

    [ Book Hostels in Kathmandu ]

    Rated in 2006 as the happiest country in Asia, and the eight -happiest in the world, is an extraordinary green little piece of earth at the eastern end of the Himalayas (just 47 thousand square meters),where Gross National Happiness is deemed more important than Gross National Product. Bhutanese peaple call it Druk Yul (Land of the Thunder Dragon...

  • Photo of Keeper of the bridge, Mostar


    Keeper of the bridge
    Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    DESTINATIONS in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    [ Book Hostels in Mostar ]

    Keeper of the bridge. That's the meaning of Mostar, the elegant Old Bridge, arches over the Neretva River, providing Mostar town with its icon and name. This old Ottoman-style bridge was destroyed in the civil war in 1993,it has been rebuilt and even entered in UNESCO's World Heritage list. But The town is not all about the bridge, it offers ama...

  • Photo of Healthiest City, Miami


    Healthiest City
    Miami in Florida


    [ Book Hostels in Miami ]

    Miami is a dream come true location, its sunny golden beaches, extremely good weather. It's blessed with all year round great climate and ocean access. In 2002 Miami was voted as the 1st Healthiest City by Natural Health Magazine. Its name really talks by it self, this adorable city is every traveler's delight. Its located on the South of Flor...

  • Photo of Top BEST world's cities, Bangkok


    Top BEST world's cities
    Bangkok, Florence and Rome is the third!

    DESTINATIONS in Bangkok, Thailand

    [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]

    Travel magazine has finaly rleased its new 2011 “World’s Best” list. Every year prestige American travel magazine makes a top visited world's cities, it's voted by readers and visitors, anyone can vote. Rounding out the Top 10 cities in the World, Bangkok took the first place and Florence was second. This year Rome is third , the Belpaese ...

  • Photo of Olympic Park in London, London


    Olympic Park in London
    Impressive structures made for the games

    DESTINATIONS in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    London has been preparing for the games for a long time now and now that they are finally very near you can see what a huge effort has been made in the preparation of the Olympic Park. One of the main structures built is the Olympic stadium which will hold all the athletics events. It will be able to seat 80,000 during the games:25,00 permanent ...

  • Photo of Sorrento Limoncello and more, Sorrento


    Sorrento Limoncello and more
    Beautiful view of the Golfo di Napoli

    DESTINATIONS in Sorrento, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Sorrento ]

    Over the steep cliffs is located beautiful Sorrento town, from where you can view an amazing bay of Naples. Surrentum, the old name form Greek times, main selling point is the fabulous location, you can see anything and everything from there. From the west you can enjoy unspoiled and untouched countryside, from the north, beautiful Pompeii and spec...

  • Photo of Berne examples of medieval town., Bern


    Berne examples of medieval town.
    Capital of Switzerland

    DESTINATIONS in Bern, Switzerland

    [ Book Hostels in Bern ]

    Berne - the capital of Switzerland is beautiful and from all Europe capitals most immediately charming. It's so much diverse from most of the european cities, with its cobbled lanes, lined with sandstone arcaded buildings, historical towers and 11 magnificent fountains and the weirdest thing is that, it hasn't been changed at all in over five hund...

  • Photo of Mongolians and Buddhism, Ulaanbaatar


    Mongolians and Buddhism
    Mongolians Salty tea, named Süütei tsai.

    DESTINATIONS in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    [ Book Hostels in Ulaanbaatar ]

    Mongolia is a country in Asia, just between Siberia and China, it has emerged from the Communism pressure and has escaped and from now all open for the world. Mongolians still live in a ger, a huge tent that can be removed easily to other cities or places, and every place in ger is specially listed for someone, for example the door is always faced ...

  • Photo of Zimbabwe, worlds best climate, Harare


    Zimbabwe, worlds best climate
    Countless National Parks

    DESTINATIONS in Harare, Zimbabwe

    [ Book Hostels in Harare ]

    Considered to have the best quality of guiding in Africa, Zimbabwe now offers to all world new exceptional value, as a premier safari destination. It's separated from Zambia with Zambezi River, with the Limpopo River along the South Africa border, impressive mountains in the east side. Zimbabwe has a tropical climate, with a rainy season from Novem...

  • Photo of Jamaica, the third largest island in Caribbeans, Negril


    Jamaica, the third largest island in Caribbeans
    Negrils open 7mile beach

    DESTINATIONS in Negril, Jamaica

    [ Book Hostels in Negril ]

    Jamaica is the third largest island in Caribbeans , in between Cuba and Miami, the most westerly English speaking island. Known by its beautiful, the beast beaches on the north , west coast. Many people go there to enjoy the beach which seems never ends and to party of course. There is an international airport, which has cheap flights, so also ...

  • Photo of Sofia biggest city in Bulgaria, Sofia


    Sofia biggest city in Bulgaria
    Antique but still developing Sofia

    DESTINATIONS in Sofia, Bulgaria

    [ Book Hostels in Sofia ]

    The biggest city in Bulgaria is its capital, Sofia, known as the most walkable capital in Europe, usually tourists pass by Sofia to get to ski resorts, leaving the young, dynamic vibe undiscovered. Bulgarian culture and history is rich with architecture, cuisine, customs and traditions. Geographical position of Bulgaria is situated in Bulgaria boa...

  • Photo of Eastern Capital Tokyo, Tokyo


    Eastern Capital Tokyo
    populous metropolis

    DESTINATIONS in Tokyo, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

    The worlds most populous metropolis, is it familiar to you? Of course it's Japan's capital Tokyo. A city where life moves very fast, there is no time to stop and take a breath, because so much is going on, full of energy and obsession to know everything whats new, that seems to make all ideas quickly obsolete. Tokyo offers unlimited choice of s...

  • Photo of Amazing Great Ocean Road, Melbourne


    Amazing Great Ocean Road
    One day at Melbourne

    DESTINATIONS in Melbourne, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Melbourne ]

    If you plan to visit or live there, on a day off just jump into a special and small tourist coach from any hostel, hotel, tourist agency in Melbourne early in the morning, and you will be taken to a long drive along the south-eastern coast of Australia for a whole day: the amazing Great Ocean Road. The trip usually starts from Torquay and its ...

  • Photo of Margarita Island , Margarita Island


    Margarita Island
    Pearl of the Caribbean

    DESTINATIONS in Margarita Island, Venezuela

    [ Book Hostels in Margarita Island ]

    Venezuela occupies most of the northern coast of South America on Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean to the north, Guyana to the east, Brazil to the south and Columbia to the west . It's about twice the size of California. In Europe Venezuela is more famous for its idyllic beaches like Margarita Island. There is the highest waterfall in the world, untou...

  • Photo of Mykonos, your dream holidays!, Mykonos


    Mykonos, your dream holidays!
    Looks just like a postcard.

    DESTINATIONS in Mykonos, Greece

    [ Book Hostels in Mykonos ]

    Dreaming for a beautiful, unforgettable vacation? Last minute kind of deal?If you like endless sandy beaches, quaint windmills and white - snow houses with many posh people having fun, Mykonos in Greece is a paradise holiday for you! If that's what you have been dreaming of, it's time to go for Mykonos blue white Island. In the past 4 years, Myk...

  • Photo of Vienna, Austria's primary city, Vienna


    Vienna, Austria's primary city
    Capital of the nineteenth century ball

    DESTINATIONS in Vienna, Austria

    [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]

    Vienna is the capital city of the Republic of Austria and one of the nine states that make up Austria. As Austria's primary city, Vienna has a population of 1.7 million people making it the cultural, economic, and political center of Austria. Vienna is host to many many international organizations, the most notable being the United Nations. Vien...

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