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    City That Will Live In Your Mind Forever
    Vienna, Austria01.13.2010 CITY LIVE
    Vienna, Austria [ Book Hostels in Vienna ]
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    The 21st century can be defined as the time of Vienna's revival. Once the Austrian capital had been known as a glorious center of a huge and powerful empire. Soon after the World Wars its influence started to fade away. However, nowadays Vienna is in a process of redefining: it is turning into stylish and vibrant European cultural center. So, rediscover the city of composers and you will see that it is worth much more than a short stop on travelling path.

    Wandering Vienna's streets...

  • Photo of Edinburgh - One City, Many Discoveries., Edinburgh


    Edinburgh - One City, Many Discoveries.
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    CITY LIVE in Edinburgh, Scotland

    [ Book Hostels in Edinburgh ]

    Edinburgh contains a little bit of every aspect of Scotland. It looks that all the single parts: culture, architecture, traditions, and history are put into this spectacular city. In other words, Edinburgh is like a historic distillation of all Scottish things and a keeper of the old culture that includes political and cultural focus of the society...

  • Photo of The Spanish Art of Bullfighting, Madrid


    The Spanish Art of Bullfighting
    Thrilling and Controversial Spectacle

    CITY LIVE in Madrid, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Madrid ]

    Everyone who has ever been to Spain, will admit that it is an endlessly fascinated place to visit. Having strong religious backgrounds, flaming Mediterranean culture, and full of authentic arts and entertainment, Spain is a country that attracts millions of tourists every year. Probably the most controversial and widely criticized Spanish tradition...

  • Photo of Sao Paulo Fashion Week, 17 - 22 of January 2010, Sao Paulo


    Sao Paulo Fashion Week, 17 - 22 of January 2010
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    CITY LIVE in Sao Paulo, Brasil

    [ Book Hostels in Sao Paulo ]

    The Sao Paulo Fashion Week is a fashion event, held at Ibirapuera Park, in Sao Paulo since 1996. It happens twice a year, one in the middle of January - featuring the fall collection. Today, the event is known as one of the most important fashion shows in Latin America and appears among the major fashion weeks in the world, along with Paris, Milan,...

  • Photo of New Year Last Minute Offers, Sydney


    New Year Last Minute Offers
    Just Book Online

    CITY LIVE in Sydney, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Sydney ]

    New year is coming in a few days. It feel like time passes by so fast? Have you already planned your New Year Celebration. Do you want to get away from your town, city, country or continent! Don't worry as you still have a time to make the greeting of 2010 the best ever. Feel free to do that as millions of last minute offers are presented. Just ta...

  • Photo of January Hightlits in New York, New York


    January Hightlits in New York
    City that Never Sleeps

    CITY LIVE in New York, USA

    [ Book Hostels in New York ]

    If you are not afraid of a frisky and cold weather, visit New York in January. It is a great time for bargain hunters. why? Tourism drops off after the Christmas period, so good prices for the flights, accommodation, concerts and musicals can be found. In addition, the post-holiday sales season can not be missed, as well as New York restaurant week...

  • Photo of Coming of Age Day, 11th of January 2010, Tokyo


    Coming of Age Day, 11th of January 2010
    Tokyo, Japan

    CITY LIVE in Tokyo, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

    Coming of Age Day is a Japanese celebration and holiday held annually on the second Monday of January. This year the festival takes place on the 11th of January, 2010. It is held in order to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority (20 years old - the age considered as the beginning of adulthood). It is the minimum ...

  • Photo of Unseen Face of Seoul, Seoul


    Unseen Face of Seoul
    Balance of Ancient History and Modern Times

    CITY LIVE in Seoul, South Korea

    [ Book Hostels in Seoul ]

    Rich traditions, profound beauty and long history - these are he treasures of Seoul. The city's legacy winds trough its labyrinthine alleys and countless number of the years of development. During the time Seoul has turned into a global landmark of modernity and historical monuments. A quarter of Korea's population lives in Seoul. In addition, it i...

  • Photo of Sidney Festival: 9 - 30 of January 2010, Sydney


    Sidney Festival: 9 - 30 of January 2010
    Sydney, Australia

    CITY LIVE in Sydney, Australia

    [ Book Hostels in Sydney ]

    Once again Sidney is rising for the summer season and is presenting its energy, style, spectacle and sophistication... Kicking off with 2010 Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks, the annual Sidney festival is going to invade the town. The city-wide takeover stretches from 9th to 30th of January 2010 with many musical highlights for the hot summer nights...

  • Photo of Trade Fairs in Rome: Late December and January, Rome


    Trade Fairs in Rome: Late December and January
    Rome, Italy

    CITY LIVE in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Fair is like a shop window which gives you a good overview of what is the best, brand new and most wanted. It is also an exhibition for industries based on the categories they belong. It's time fulfill your curiosity, interest and to discover what it is all about. Trade fair events are brought by January to the eternal city - Rome. It is the best p...

  • Photo of Winter Festival, 2 - 7 of January, 2010, Prague


    Winter Festival, 2 - 7 of January, 2010
    Prague, Czech Republic

    CITY LIVE in Prague, Czech Republic

    [ Book Hostels in Prague ]

    Prague is a city that is ready to offer its energy, pulsing life and a culture. It is a city that always has to reveal new secrets to those eager to explore. One of them is revealed in the beginning of January, as it is the time when world famous festival of classical music, opera and ballet - Prague Winter Festival starts. The festival runs fo...

  • Photo of Santiago a Mil Festival 3-31 of January 2010, Santiago


    Santiago a Mil Festival 3-31 of January 2010
    Santiago, Chile

    CITY LIVE in Santiago, Chile

    [ Book Hostels in Santiago ]

    Summertime in Santiago and Chilean capital fills with excitement when Santiago a Mil comes to the city. It is an event that presents a mix of mainstream and experimental theater performances. The city-sponsored festival was launched in 1994 for the first time, and at that time its program included only five plays. Since then the festival has become...

  • Photo of Origin of Christmas: Saturnalia 17-24 of December, Rome


    Origin of Christmas: Saturnalia 17-24 of December
    Rome, Italy

    CITY LIVE in Rome, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

    Rome is getting ready for the Christmas period - one of the most popular celebrations in the world. What was before the time that Christmas came into the Roman culture? It was a pagan festival dedicated to god Saturn. One of the best-known festivals of ancient Rome was called the Saturnalia - a winter festival celebrated between 17th and 24th of De...

  • Photo of Cambalache Festival, 7-13 of December 2009, Buenos Aires


    Cambalache Festival, 7-13 of December 2009
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    CITY LIVE in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

    No matter what time of year you visit Buenos Aires you're bound to find the city in a mood of celebration. December visitors will still find pleasant weather in the city as well as a great traditional festival - Cambalache Festival. Argentineans are famed for their dancing. Not without reason it is said that the dance embodies the history and menta...

  • Photo of Beijing - Reflection of Chinese Culture, Beijing


    Beijing - Reflection of Chinese Culture
    Oriental Heritage

    CITY LIVE in Beijing, China

    [ Book Hostels in Beijing ]

    The Yellow river boasts to be a cradle of ancient Chinese civilization. The country that once had a glorious and prosperous heyday, left shining historic relicts for the further generations. Presently China is considered to be a country full of contrasts: rich and poor, old and new, ordinated and chaotic. However, some of the cities are still conti...

  • Photo of The London International Horse Show, London


    The London International Horse Show
    Held on 15-21 December, 2009

    CITY LIVE in London, England

    [ Book Hostels in London ]

    See the celebrities of the equestrian world compete and perform as the fabulous London International Horse Show is coming back to town. From the 15th till 21st of December 2009 at the exhibition center Olympia London, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular show full of jumping events, galloping and dressage steps. In addition to the sporting con...

  • Photo of The Festival of La Salute, 21st of November 2009, Venice


    The Festival of La Salute, 21st of November 2009
    Venice, Italy

    CITY LIVE in Venice, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Venice ]

    One of the most important religious festivals in Venice is called The Festival of La Salute. It takes place in remembrance of the end of 1630’s plague. The church, Basilica Santa Maria della Salute, was built in thanks to the end of the plague and is still one of the most famous churches in Venice. The festival has been celebrated since 1687, ...

  • Photo of December in Moscow, Moscow


    December in Moscow
    Its Not All About Cold

    CITY LIVE in Moscow, Russia

    [ Book Hostels in Moscow ]

    Have you been dreaming about white trees, frozen lakes, breathtaking cold and falling snowflakes all around since you were a child? Yes? Meet December in Russia! Feel what it is like to be there! Moscow has always been famous for its hospitality and openness. Cold climate, but hot city. This year the capital of Russia is announced to be the capital...

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