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Ecuador might be tiny, but it's an amazing getaway with countless wonders, your breath will be taken away by heights of Andes, Amazonian rain forests and never ending charm of citizens living a dream in colonial villages. Greatly renovated mansions and monasteries, sparkling markets and architectural treasures, making you coming back.

There are plenty of things to see and to do, Ecuador will make you fell in love with itself, you can hike, surf, simply enjoying the sun and the beau...

CITY LIVE in Quito, Ecuador [ Book Hostels in Quito ]
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Photo of Colonial splendor of Ecuador, Quito

Colonial splendor of Ecuador

Quito, different world entirely, by staff

Ecuador might be tiny, but it's an amazing getaway with countless wonders, your breath will be taken away by heights of Andes, Amazonian rain forests and never ending charm of citizens living a dream ... CITY LIVE in Quito, Ecuador [ Book Hostels in Quito ]

Photo of Brussels, chocolate shops sublime, Brussels

Brussels, chocolate shops sublime

Chocolate Easter bunnies , by staff

Belgium might seem attractive for few things only, great beer and mussels, but that's only opinion of few closed minds, the beer is simply divine and life is vibrant and endlessly varied, you can do a... CITY LIVE in Brussels, Belgium [ Book Hostels in Brussels ]

Photo of Uruguay's many faces, Montevideo

Uruguay's many faces

Best kept secret of South America, by staff

South America is still undiscovered pearl of the world, where most would be scared to go for all kind of reasons, danger, food poison or poverty, well let those fools be limited and closed minded, we ... CITY LIVE in Montevideo, Uruguay [ Book Hostels in Montevideo ]

Photo of Marrakech, Land of God, Marrakech

Marrakech, Land of God

Mountains, desert and coast, by staff

Is it sunny weather that you want? Sandy paths, colourful streets, narrow and crowded streets? Escape from the boring well known western culture and give a chance to an exotic and unknown place that i... CITY LIVE in Marrakech, Morocco [ Book Hostels in Marrakech ]

Photo of Istanbul, the capital of three empires, Istanbul

Istanbul, the capital of three empires

Blue turquoise water fronts, by staff

Istanbullus start to believe the fact that they live in the hippest city in the world, you literally can't breath from the culture that surrounds you while in there, monuments, galleries,clubs and cou... CITY LIVE in Istanbul, Turkey [ Book Hostels in Istanbul ]

Photo of Spanish steps, Trinita dei Monti, Rome

Spanish steps, Trinita dei Monti

Perfect auditorium for people, by staff

Rome is one of the greatest masterpieces ever made, everything here is worth to see and not be missed...and once spring comes, there is nothing more enjoyable to wonder around the narrow streets of th... CITY LIVE in Rome, Italy [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

Photo of Rio de Janeiro,  most spectacular settings, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, most spectacular settings

Living the dream in paradise, by staff

Looking for incredible and unforgettable adventures? South America will offer you Incan ruins, colonial towns, great nightlife and some of the world's best beaches. Hold on tight and get ready for the... CITY LIVE in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [ Book Hostels in Rio de Janeiro ]

Photo of Skopje, blessed capital of Macedonia, Skopje

Skopje, blessed capital of Macedonia

Absurdly affordable and refreshingly accommodating, by staff

Macedonia is a country that haven't figured out yet whether is ancient or brand new, searching for its place in the postcommunist world. It's a place of change , struggling in the past at the same ti... CITY LIVE in Skopje, Macedonia [ Book Hostels in Skopje ]

Photo of Bangkok, charming and passionate, Bangkok

Bangkok, charming and passionate

Impressive city, by staff

Not only the capital, but also the spiritual, political, cultural and economic centre of Thailand, Bangkok has a special place in our minds that's reserved only for wild and adventurous destinations. ... CITY LIVE in Bangkok, Thailand [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]

Photo of Panama, the essence of paradise, Panama city

Panama, the essence of paradise

Coffee farms and deserted islands, by staff

Once you pack your bags for Panama, throw some of bikinis and sunscreen, and be prepared to have the time of your life, say "hello, Paradise". Never ending Summer, turquoise seas and coffee's paradise... CITY LIVE in Panama city, Panama [ Book Hostels in Panama city ]

Photo of Medieval castles and umbrella sky, Lisbon

Medieval castles and umbrella sky

Portugal, endlessly fascinating country, by staff

Portugal touches borders only with Spain , the rest is North Atlantic Ocean, lose yourself in the beauty of nature, Portugal has many things to offer, traditions, culture, great cuisine and some of th... CITY LIVE in Lisbon, Portugal [ Book Hostels in Lisbon ]

Photo of Londoners, fiercely independent thinkers , London

Londoners, fiercely independent thinkers

Historic splendor that will blow you away, by staff

London is the largest city in Europe, and one of the best destinations of all the times, a capital that's a dream come true to most of the people from all over the world, it seems like a hippy that is... CITY LIVE in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of Snorting donkeys and sounds of guitar, Trinidad

Snorting donkeys and sounds of guitar

Trinidad, wooden louvers and Italian frescoes, by staff

They say, that Cuba is like a prince dressed in poor man's coat, the country is real treasure, unfortunately badly controlled and ruled, located between the tropical hills and sparkling Caribbean sea,... CITY LIVE in Trinidad, Cuba [ Book Hostels in Trinidad ]

Photo of Grandness and magic of Paris, Paris

Grandness and magic of Paris

Cruise on the Seine and kissing under the Eiffel Tower, by staff

You will never know what's the true secret of Paris, is it really the cold Eiffel Tower, Romantic atmosphere that all the lovers create, aroma of macaroons or simply a great advertising. It's up to y... CITY LIVE in Paris, France [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

Photo of Madrid for Free, Madrid

Madrid for Free

A Top destination in Europe, by staff

A time comes in the life of a traveller when she or he won't have a single penny, and looking for free attractions become main activity when visiting a city. Madrid, one of the top main destinations i... CITY LIVE in Madrid, Spain [ Book Hostels in Madrid ]

Photo of Andorra, nothing but skiing and shopping, Andorra la Vella

Andorra, nothing but skiing and shopping

Most dramatic scenery of the Pyrenees, by staff

Looking for the perfect vacation? Andorra might seem only for shopping and skiing, but it's not, there is so much more to see, to discover and to enjoy, just give it a try! Of course , the capital And... CITY LIVE in Andorra la Vella, Andorra [ Book Hostels in Andorra la Vella ]

Photo of Saudi Arabia, the forbidden Kingdom, Riyadh

Saudi Arabia, the forbidden Kingdom

The Empty Quarter, the largest sea of sand , by staff

A country that was forbidden for the rest of the world for centuries, where available for only the bravest and the boldest ones. the Middle East , home to Islam and oil, for some who live in their own... CITY LIVE in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia [ Book Hostels in Riyadh ]

Photo of Pompeii,  the ghostly shell, Pompei

Pompeii, the ghostly shell

Simply blown away by Vesuvius, by staff

Due to the numerous and well preserved ruins, Pompeii is the most visited archaeological site in the world. It was an ancient Roman city, that according to researchers was founded in the seventh centu... CITY LIVE in Pompei, Italy [ Book Hostels in Pompei ]

Photo of Malta, embattled feel, Gozo

Malta, embattled feel

Hidden coves and thrilling diving opportunities, by staff

Tired of rain in autumn and cold weather, missing summer and willing to relax and breath summer just a little bit longer, trying to escape the classic tours and guides? Maltese islands will be what yo... CITY LIVE in Gozo, Malta [ Book Hostels in Gozo ]

Photo of Charleston, Southern charm, Charleston

Charleston, Southern charm

Incredibly romantic horse carriages , by staff

Put on your best pearls on ,set your mood up to 100 and head to one of the best cities in USA, enjoying some of the Southern charm, Charleston. Blossom of jasmine and long dinners, sherry and friendly... CITY LIVE in Charleston, USA [ Book Hostels in Charleston ]

Photo of Marseille, pulsating port city, Marseille

Marseille, pulsating port city

Strong identity, all year sunshine, by staff

San Valentines is knocking the door, and it seems like the whole world will be in Paris, apparently it has become a common dream for every girl, but where to go with your beloved ones or single friend... CITY LIVE in Marseille, France [ Book Hostels in Marseille ]

Photo of Dublin, viking settlement, Dublin

Dublin, viking settlement

Mediaeval castles and cathedrals, by staff

Established as a viking settlement, there's no way Dublin could be less than awesomely cool. A capital with more than one third of the country's population, the city is cosmopolitan and bucolic at the... CITY LIVE in Dublin, Ireland [ Book Hostels in Dublin ]

Photo of Yerevan, the Pink city, Yerevan

Yerevan, the Pink city

Medieval charm and wooden architecture , by staff

The buzz is all about the Sochi Olympic Games, but where to go after that? Armenia will be a perfect getaway to totally relax from the crowds of sport fans, a place where the Caucasus keep inspiring... CITY LIVE in Yerevan, Armenia [ Book Hostels in Yerevan ]

Photo of Shanghai, On the Sea, Shanghai

Shanghai, On the Sea

Perfect blends of cultures, modern and traditional, by staff

Shanghai is the shoppers paradise, in few words Oriental Paris, serving the largest base of Chinese industrial technology, helding one of the most important seaports in China, all the biggest commerci... CITY LIVE in Shanghai, China [ Book Hostels in Shanghai ]

Photo of Hobbiton Woods in New Zealand, Wellington

Hobbiton Woods in New Zealand

Mount Victoria in Wellington, by staff

A country where the Lord of The Rings was filmed, some of the most beautiful places of New Zealand, the most accessible filming location was Mount Victoria in Wellington. This area is forested of the ... CITY LIVE in Wellington, New Zealand [ Book Hostels in Wellington ]

Photo of Nepal,  you will never get enough, Kathmandu

Nepal, you will never get enough

Between Indian jungles and high wall of Himalaya, by staff

Nepal is one of Asia's top destinations, being landlocked, very multiethnic and multilingual, religious country. Nepal lies north of India in the Himalayas, it was first inhabited about 50 million yea... CITY LIVE in Kathmandu, Nepal [ Book Hostels in Kathmandu ]

Photo of Grenada, green hills and white beaches, Carriacou

Grenada, green hills and white beaches

Tiny charmers, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, by staff

Grenada is one of the top destinations in South America, it is a three island state, Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, Grenada is the largest of all three. The island is located in the Eastern ... CITY LIVE in Carriacou, Grenada [ Book Hostels in Carriacou ]

Photo of B&B Globetrotter , Catania

B&B Globetrotter

Catania, Italy, by staff

Catania lies at the base of the great Volcano Etna. It is the crown jewel in the necklace of picturesque and famed settlements that circumscribe this tallest and most famed of all volcanos in Europe.T... CITY LIVE in Catania, Italy [ Book Hostels in Catania ]

Photo of  Les Gets in France, picturesque village, Lyon

Les Gets in France, picturesque village

Enjoy a real Alpin traditional experience, by staff

Let's prepare your ski combinsones and the warmest clothes your can possible find, and let's get to Les Gets in France, the best ski resort in Europe. It will be perfect as a family vacation destinati... CITY LIVE in Lyon, France [ Book Hostels in Lyon ]

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