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Buenos Aires, defined as the pearl of South America, is the capital city of Argentina. The full name is Ciudad

Buenos Aires Argentina 07-Dec-2018 TOP VISITED CITIES

Maybe Rotterdam is cold in the winters but with a bit of good music, you can warm your heart. Where this music

Rotterdam Netherlands 04-Dec-2018 HOSTELS NEWS

Kyoto in December is rich in colors. The most predominant are the red yellow and brown. All the paths are nice

Kyoto japan 03-Dec-2018 TOP VISITED CITIES

Most of us enjoy Dublin during the Christmas coming time, present shopping, Christmas lights everywhere in Dub

Dublin Ireland 13-Nov-2018 TOP VISITED CITIES

Let’s talk about one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Europe. Amsterdam The Netherlands Many

Amsterdam Netherlands 27-Set-2018 TOP VISITED CITIES

What can I say that has not already been written about one of the most iconical metropolises in the moder

London England 29-Ago-2018 TOP VISITED CITIES



Let’s talk about one of the most occidental city in Asia. BANGKOK, Tailandia 3 days in Bangko

Bangkok Thailand 08-Ago-2018 TOP VISITED CITIES

Many people know this wonderful city for its famous Coffee Shops, where we can buy and consume marijuana, and

Amsterdam Netherlands 03-Ago-2018 TOP VISITED CITIES

Live experiences and emotions in the OstelloSalento in Lecce, Gallipoli, UgentoThe new proposal for the territ

Ugento Italy 20-Giu-2018 HOSTELS NEWS

Giraffe the animal which is known for long neck and long legs.The scientific name for the giraffe is giraffe C

London England 14-Giu-2018 EVENTS