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Some people are looking for snow during the winter. Some others prefer to go to warm places. Why not Miami? He

Miami USA 13-Gen-2018 Destinations

Paris, the capital of France. Well known for the food, the style, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum …

Paris France 09-Gen-2018 TOP VISITED CITIES



Granada (Spanish for “Pomegranate”) is a place that you plan to stay a few days in and then it is

Granada Spain 18-Dec-2017 Destinations

Once the All Saints Day and Halloween are passed, it's high time to think about...Christmas! Sounds early but

Prague Czeck Republic 29-Nov-2017 Destinations

Now is the perfect time to start planning next summer’s travel! Scotland is a beautiful place to visit f

Edinburgh Scotland 18-Nov-2017 Destinations

Toronto is well-loved for its vibrant summer season, from harbour front views to island festivals to friendly

Toronto Canada 09-Nov-2017 TOP VISITED CITIES

Since Brexit depreciated the British Pound, London has become a newly accessible city for budget travelers. Th

London England 30-Ott-2017 TOP VISITED CITIES

New Orleans, located deep in the American South, is a melting pot of cultures unlike anywhere else in the worl

New Orleans USA 21-Ott-2017 Destinations

At some point in your life, you will find yourself in the Eternal City, because as the old adage goes: all roa

Rome Italy 19-Ott-2017 Destinations

eWhen you picture the perfect summer getaway, your fantasy probably doesn’t even come close to the parad

Bali Indonesia 17-Ott-2017 TOP VISITED CITIES