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Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals on earth, and a beautiful example of french gothic a

Paris France 01-Feb-2016 City Live

As early as 1850, Macau was known as "Monte Carlo of the Orient" or "Vegas of the East". As the only destina

Macau Macau 31-Gen-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES

Despite its far-flung location from London on the west coast of England, Bristol is the 13th most visited city

Bristol England 30-Gen-2016 DESTINATIONS

Caracas, officially Santiago de Leon de Caracas, is the capital and the largest city of Venezuela. Caracas is

Caracas Venezuela 28-Gen-2016 TRAVEL INFO

Vienna is a city that has given the rest of the world some very precious things: the graceful Viennese waltz,

Vienna Austria 24-Gen-2016 DESTINATIONS

Adelaide is a vibrant city that is small enough to make getting around super easy, but large enough that there

Adelaide Australia 18-Gen-2016 TRAVEL INFO

Literally translating as 'bridge', Bruges is arguably the most well-preserved city in Europe. Known today for

Bruges Belgium 17-Gen-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES

Shanghai, China's largest and most prosperous city has an atmosphere full of vitality. For those reasons alone

Shanghai China 15-Gen-2016 DESTINATIONS

Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, is Scandinavia's most relaxed capital city. It has a distinctly European feel,

Copenhagen Danemark 14-Gen-2016 TRAVEL INFO

There are things to do in Miami to satisfy everyone's tastes. Whether you'd like to party all night on South B

Miami United States of America 12-Gen-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES