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Lisbon can be a  lifelong experience of discovery. However, as young travellers we don’t have the c

Lisbon Portugal 08-Ago-2016 BACKPACKER STORIES

For the average backpacker Dubai doesn’t tend to be on the list. It’s expensive to get there and b

Dubai United Arab Emirates 02-Ago-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES

Camden is and area of London home to Camden Town, that is world renowned for being a hot spot f

London England 01-Ago-2016 Destinations

Why was Rio De Janeiro was chosen for the 2016 Olympic games? Rio is the cultural capital of Brazil and has a

Rio de Janeiro Brasil 30-Lug-2016 EVENTS

A few years ago I had the chance to inmerse myself in a beautiful experience around New Zealand, a region in t

Queenstown New Zealand 24-Lug-2016 Destinations

If you’ve only got a few days in Florence, you’ll want to pack in as many sights as you can. So on

Florence Italy 20-Giu-2016 Destinations

Never been to Vienna? Well, it’s about time then. There is a lot to be seen, and our tips how

Vienna Austria 14-Giu-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES

The whole month they are celebrating 10 years ROOM with tours, special deals, and more bands and DJ’s.

Rotterdam Netherlands 03-Giu-2016 HOSTELS NEWS

Lisbon is a city full of surprises and will leave you completely lost for words if you stop around for long en

Lisbon Portugal 01-Giu-2016 CITY LIVE

One of the best things about a visit to San Francisco is that despite being “big” in terms of attr

San Francisco USA 31-Mag-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES