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You can spend your whole life in Italy and still don't know all of its hidden treasures and amazing places. Baia is one of these treasures, a magnificent and unique Roman ruin site underwater. Yes, I said underwater. Just imagine how marvelous and exciting it is to dive in a clear blue stunning sea among ancient sculptures, still preserved floor mosaics and sea creatures that live where centuries ago the Romans lived.

This awesome place exists, and its name is Archaeological Submari...

CITY LIVE in Naples, Italy [ Book Hostels in Naples ]
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Photo of Shanghai Dock Bund Hostel, Shanghai

Shanghai Dock Bund Hostel

Shanghai, China, by staff

The gigantic, very busy Shanghai has become one of the top destinations in Asia, and not without a reason. In such a big city, there is always something going on and thousands of things to see. It ble... SELECTED HOSTELS in Shanghai, China [ Book Hostels in Shanghai ]

Photo of Realm of the gods, Phnom Penh

Realm of the gods

Enigmatic kingdom of Phnom Penh, by staff

Realm of the gods, Angkor Wat was Hindu originally after growing into a Buddhist, it's the largest religious monument in the world, no matter if you believe in something or you don't , the temple is i... DESTINATIONS in Phnom Penh, Cambodia [ Book Hostels in Phnom Penh ]

Photo of Athenstyle , Athens


Athens, Greece, by staff

In the heart of Athens, this millennial breathtaking city, together with historical temples, ruins and museums, stands the hostel that will make your trip to Greece unforgettable. Athenstyle, the newe... SELECTED HOSTELS in Athens, Greece [ Book Hostels in Athens ]

Photo of Edgy and Modish Glasgow, Glasgow

Edgy and Modish Glasgow

Urban mayhem and black humour, by staff

It is the third largest city in the UK and the largest in Scotland, a main economic and industrial hub, and has been nominated several times as the European City of Culture, City of Music, Capital of ... TRAVEL INFO in Glasgow, Scotland [ Book Hostels in Glasgow ]

Photo of So Cool Hostel Porto, Porto

So Cool Hostel Porto

Porto, Portugal, by staff

Porto is maybe one of the most fascinating cities in the whole Europe, be it for its peaceful energy, for the almost divine beauty or for the unbelievably nice people. What we know is that it's hard n... SELECTED HOSTELS in Porto, Portugal [ Book Hostels in Porto ]

Photo of Japanese traditions and passions, Tokyo

Japanese traditions and passions

Blossom of unique civilization, by staff

There is no other place in the world as Japan, the mother nature has blessed them with beautiful blossoms and four distinct seasons, great food and the most important brilliant citizens, they are warm... TRAVEL INFO in Tokyo, Japan [ Book Hostels in Tokyo ]

Photo of Don Santiago Hostel, Santiago

Don Santiago Hostel

Santiago, Chile, by staff

Colorful and cozy, that's the first impression of most of the guests that come to Don Santiago. It matches well its host capital, Santiago, with happiness, good vibes, art, and intrinsic friendliness.... SELECTED HOSTELS in Santiago, Chile [ Book Hostels in Santiago ]

Photo of Glittering gems of Delhi, New Delhi

Glittering gems of Delhi

Vibrant melting pot and imperial capital of India, by staff

There are thousands of beautiful places on the planet, luxury, expensive and simply amazing, and there are those , that promises less comfort but priceless mental relax and a very rich lifetime experi... TRAVEL INFO in New Delhi, India [ Book Hostels in New Delhi ]

Photo of The battle of the flowers, Valencia

The battle of the flowers

Valencia, a popular short break venue, by staff

Valencia is no more just a shadow of Barcelona and Madrid, so little as stunning new skylines have changed the city completely, Valencia is the city where paella was first simmered over a wood fire, i... EVENTS in Valencia, Spain [ Book Hostels in Valencia ]

Photo of Barcelona Beach Festival BBF, Barcelona

Barcelona Beach Festival BBF

The best Summer music festival, by staff

Are you ready to set yourself up on party mood in the most cosmopolitan city of the Mediterranean? Barcelona is anything but boring, the restaurants, bars are clubs are always packed, a city that ne... EVENTS in Barcelona, Spain [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

Photo of Endless desert of Dubai, Dubai

Endless desert of Dubai

Futuristic skyscrapers and glittering coastline , by staff

One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Dubai turned from a small trading centre to what it is today: cosmopolitan, fancy, elegant and powerful. It had its economy growing originally due to oi... CITY LIVE in Dubai, United Arab Emirates [ Book Hostels in Dubai ]

Photo of England, antiquity and historic splendor, London

England, antiquity and historic splendor

Culinary capital of the world, London, by staff

If you fancy green lands and tea drinking ritual, which seems impossible to skip while living in this country, than you should definitely pack your stuff, throw some extra umbrellas and head to magnif... CITY LIVE in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of Tremendous changes of Honduras, Utila

Tremendous changes of Honduras

Snorkelling and howler monkeys , by staff

Every each of us has a dream destination, even if never been, we strive for something undiscovered, unknown but at the same so familiar, where our heart runs, wit no reason, no particular explanation.... CITY LIVE in Utila, Honduras [ Book Hostels in Utila ]

Photo of The Plot Hostel, Singapore

The Plot Hostel

Singapore, Singapore, by staff

Just hearing the name Singapore makes us think good things. It is a place of colors, smells and heat, where human contact may happen every time in the busy streets, and the tradition of the country, t... SELECTED HOSTELS in Singapore, Singapore [ Book Hostels in Singapore ]

Photo of Prague, Jewel in the Crown, Prague

Prague, Jewel in the Crown

Stunning buildings and lovely old squares, by staff

Czech Republic is pretty impressive, considering that it has been around only since 1993, it's a marvelous place, where history not just show, it becomes real...the castles will amaze like no other pl... CITY LIVE in Prague, Czech Republic [ Book Hostels in Prague ]

Photo of Smart Stay Hostel Munich City, Munich

Smart Stay Hostel Munich City

Munich, Germany, by staff

Beautiful architecture, fine culture and Oktoberfest, that's what Munich is about. Of course it has much more to offer, well educated people, amazing beer and loads of other stuff that you will discov... SELECTED HOSTELS in Munich, Germany [ Book Hostels in Munich ]

Photo of Argentina, wanderlust cocktail, Buenos Aires

Argentina, wanderlust cocktail

Falling in love with charming chaos of Buenos Aires, by staff

Well, the football's madness has ended, but not just quite yet for Argentineans, it has been a rough weekend, the love they bring for football with them is immeasurable and indescribable...and you wou... DESTINATIONS in Buenos Aires, Argentina [ Book Hostels in Buenos Aires ]

Photo of Vertigo Centre, Marseille

Vertigo Centre

Marseille, France, by staff

Why to visit Marseille? It is the second most populated city in France and the largest port in the Mediterranean, not to say that it's astoundingly beautiful. With varying ethnic background, it is a d... SELECTED HOSTELS in Marseille, France [ Book Hostels in Marseille ]

Photo of New Zealand, stunning natural playground, Auckland

New Zealand, stunning natural playground

Dining and natural wonders in Auckland, by staff

In New Zealand there won't be a place you would get bored, and Auckland is definitely not an exception. It seems there are many,tiny little towns all around the country, but the amount of energy and a... TRAVEL INFO in Auckland, New Zealand [ Book Hostels in Auckland ]

Photo of Lucky Lake Hostel, Amsterdam

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands, by staff

Amsterdam, this lovely city, is one of the top destinations in Europe and the dream travel of many, but to enjoy it on the best way possible, you'll have to stay in the right place. Among the numerous... SELECTED HOSTELS in Amsterdam, Netherlands [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

Photo of Stockholm, a mirage of saffron, Stockholm

Stockholm, a mirage of saffron

Home decor magazine of Sweden, by staff

Who ever said your summer holiday destination should be somewhere hot, where there is no ending of sticky sand and sun's overdose? Who ever said, your perfect holidays couldn't be in some place cool a... CITY LIVE in Stockholm, Sweden [ Book Hostels in Stockholm ]

Photo of The hub of northern Thailand Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai

The hub of northern Thailand Chiang Mai

Thai architecture, by staff

The hub of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the capital of the homonymous province, with nearly one million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. It is a very interesting and peculiar city, once the c... DESTINATIONS in Chiang Mai , Thailand [ Book Hostels in Chiang Mai ]

Photo of The Plot Hostel Singapore, Singapore

The Plot Hostel Singapore

Singapore, Asia, by staff

Just hearing the name Singapore makes us think good things. It is a place of colors, smells and heat, where human contact may happen every time in the busy streets, and the tradition of the country, t... SELECTED HOSTELS in Singapore, Singapore [ Book Hostels in Singapore ]

Photo of Roman Summer, amazing art and great food, Rome

Roman Summer, amazing art and great food

Caput mundi embraces the present, by staff

Just imagine, hot summer sun, vespas noise and so much history that a year wouldn't be enough to explore it all, and suddenly it hits you you are in Rome, a place that human genius have built from scr... EVENTS in Rome, Italy [ Book Hostels in Rome ]

Photo of Kuala Lumpur, mining shanty town, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, mining shanty town

Ingenuity and determination of Malaysia, by staff

Fascinating culture, diverse art performances and fantastic people, in few words that would Kuala Lumpur description would be like, a city where architecture is somewhere between eccentric and unique,... DESTINATIONS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [ Book Hostels in Kuala Lumpur ]

Photo of Flotsam and jetsam of Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria

Flotsam and jetsam of Gran Canaria

Atmospheric and fashionable, by staff

In the minute you step into this marvelous island, you will know, the secret places with paradisaical views and that kind of peace that makes you forget that there is any other world existing. That's ... CITY LIVE in Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria [ Book Hostels in Gran Canaria ]

Photo of Undiscovered Honduras, Roatan

Undiscovered Honduras

Place of change, by staff

Every each of us has a dream destination, even if never been, we strive for something undiscovered, unknown but at the same so familiar, where our heart runs, wit no reason , no particular explanation... TRAVEL INFO in Roatan, Honduras [ Book Hostels in Roatan ]

Photo of Epic journeys and sublime experiences, Bern

Epic journeys and sublime experiences

Chocolate,a national concern in Switzerland, by staff

Giddy romance, silky chocolate and cuckoo clocks that immediately throws you back in the past, that's Switzerland, a landlocked country that's full of promises of better life. It's famous for St Mori... DESTINATIONS in Bern, Switzerland [ Book Hostels in Bern ]

Photo of Chile, always welcoming , Santiago

Chile, always welcoming

Santiago, seemingly endless coast, by staff

Chile is the second country in South America that does not border Brazil, it occupies a coastal strip in between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains, that occupies one third of Chile. The countr... CITY LIVE in Santiago, Chile [ Book Hostels in Santiago ]

Photo of Paris, all sorts of expectations, Paris

Paris, all sorts of expectations

Grandness and magic of France, by staff

You will never know what's the true secret of Paris, is it really the cold Eiffel Tower, Romantic atmosphere that all the lovers create, aroma of macaroons or simply a great advertising. It's up to y... DESTINATIONS in Paris, France [ Book Hostels in Paris ]

Photo of Cape Town, capturing hearts, Cape Town

Cape Town, capturing hearts

Proudly multicultural city, by staff

One of the most iconic cities in the world, Cape Town is the southernmost city in the continent and capital of South Africa, covering a large area on the south west corner of the country and having a ... DESTINATIONS in Cape Town, South Africa [ Book Hostels in Cape Town ]

Photo of Istanbul, the hottest city, Istanbul

Istanbul, the hottest city

Sense of energy and mega-stylish action, by staff

The magnificent and unique city of Istanbul, cultural and financial hub of Turkey, is historically a very important piece of land. Divided into two by the Bosphorus, a narrow strait linking the Marmar... TRAVEL INFO in Istanbul, Turkey [ Book Hostels in Istanbul ]

Photo of Holy Savior of El Salvador, San Salvador

Holy Savior of El Salvador

Land of volcanoes, by staff

There are plenty of places on the planet to visit, and there is splendid South America, the choice is huge and one of the most splendid and undiscovered are Costa Rica and Guatemala, El Salvador usual... CITY LIVE in San Salvador, El Salvador [ Book Hostels in San Salvador ]

Photo of White city Belgrade, Belgrade

White city Belgrade

Natural wonders of Serbia, by staff

There are few places left, where the tourist is more than welcome and highly appreciated, let's be honest, most of the countries are tired of giving information for lost tourists and being more and mo... CITY LIVE in Belgrade, Serbia [ Book Hostels in Belgrade ]

Photo of Wonderful Moroccan town, Fez

Wonderful Moroccan town

Fez, where money pours in, by staff

Even if the heat has taken over the world, Africa is still a very busy place to visit even during European Summer, beautiful mountains, stunning deserts and coasts, ancient ruins will remind you of th... DESTINATIONS in Fez, Morocco [ Book Hostels in Fez ]

Photo of Berlin, combo of glamour , Berlin

Berlin, combo of glamour

All about posh and punk, by staff

Berlin is the capital city of Germany with more than three million people. The most popular city for people who are heading to Germany. Berlin has a great history over the years before the war and aft... CITY LIVE in Berlin, Germany [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

Photo of Los Angeles, shiny city of reinvention, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, shiny city of reinvention

Unabashed optimism and Hot dogs, by staff

Placed in a marvelous land, surrounded by deserts, mountain chains, beaches, valleys and forests, Los Angeles is the second most populous metropolitan area in the US, and an important center for media... TRAVEL INFO in Los Angeles, USA [ Book Hostels in Los Angeles ]

Photo of London, Immersed in history, London

London, Immersed in history

Antiquity and historic splendor, by staff

London is one of the most popular cities for tourists in the world. and by far the biggest city in Europe. London is alive day and night. Whatever you like, London has attraction to everybody. With mo... CITY LIVE in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of Wondrous kingdom of Thailand, Bangkok

Wondrous kingdom of Thailand

Land of smiles, by staff

How many times have we heard, that it doesn't really matter how beautiful the country is, fulfilled with monuments or splendid architecture, if you can't get a welcome smile while you are discovering ... DESTINATIONS in Bangkok, Thailand [ Book Hostels in Bangkok ]

Photo of Roman city Padua, Padua

Roman city Padua

Medieval city-state, a world away, by staff

If you want fresh air and give some new vibes to your trip in Italy, Padua, Padova in Italian, is the best place. Not a big city, having around two hundred thousand inhabitants, and with the atmospher... TRAVEL INFO in Padua, Italy [ Book Hostels in Padua ]

Photo of FIFA World cup Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

FIFA World cup Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, by staff

Looking for incredible and unforgettable adventures? South America will offer you Incan ruins, colonial towns, great nightlife and some of the world's best beaches. Hold on tight and get ready for the... EVENTS in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [ Book Hostels in Rio de Janeiro ]

Photo of My Awesome Escape by, Dublin

My Awesome Escape by

Win 3 Travel Adventure, by staff

There's a moment on everyone's live when the days are just the same, the routine becomes boring, one second last forever and you can't wait for the weekend. We've all been through this and know how pa... TRAVEL INFO in Dublin, Ireland [ Book Hostels in Dublin ]

Photo of Croatia,  blend of glamour and cultural treasures, Zagreb

Croatia, blend of glamour and cultural treasures

Mediterranean As It Once Was, by staff

There is no need to spend a lot of time to find your next vacation destination, Croatia is one of the best options there is to...with more than 2000 km long coastline and 1000 islands, this place is ... DESTINATIONS in Zagreb, Croatia [ Book Hostels in Zagreb ]

Photo of Beautiful Isle, Taiwan, Taipei

Beautiful Isle, Taiwan

Collection of deities and demons , by staff

If your next holiday destination includes Asia, there is a splendid place I would suggest you to go, Taiwan, which cuts a figure as one of Asia's most diverse destinations. Very modern and pulsating c... CITY LIVE in Taipei, Taiwan [ Book Hostels in Taipei ]

Photo of Emeralds beaches  and forever blue sky, Ibiza

Emeralds beaches and forever blue sky

Ibiza, sound style madness, by staff

The season has officially started, Ibiza , for most of you means, a party island, with endless clubs and places to get crazy and fully enjoy the sun, sea and great partying...but Ibiza is more than ju... EVENTS in Ibiza, Spain [ Book Hostels in Ibiza ]

Photo of Stockholm, a fashion decor magazine, Stockholm

Stockholm, a fashion decor magazine

Natural beauty of Sweden, by staff

Stockholm is a beautiful city surrounded by water how spreads itself over 14 islands connected by bridges. The water around Stockholm is so clean you can even swim or fish in the heart of the city. On... TRAVEL INFO in Stockholm, Sweden [ Book Hostels in Stockholm ]

Photo of Big Easy in New Zealand, Wellington

Big Easy in New Zealand

Wellington, the coolest little capital, by staff

New Zealand is one of the rare places, that won't allow you to be disappointed, there won't be bad surprises, as dirty hotels, bad roads or snakes, good luck spiders only! It seems like everything in ... TRAVEL INFO in Wellington, New Zealand [ Book Hostels in Wellington ]

Photo of Toronto, driven by the seasons, Toronto

Toronto, driven by the seasons

Urban yet green, by staff

The most populous city in Canada, Toronto is on the shore of Lake Ontario and the centre of the Greater Toronto Area, with more than six million inhabitants, more than half of this people born in othe... CITY LIVE in Toronto, Canada [ Book Hostels in Toronto ]

Photo of Combo of glamour, Berlin

Combo of glamour

Berlin is the city to watch, by staff

Berlin is the capital city of Germany with more than three million people. The most popular city for people who are heading to Germany. Berlin has a great history over the years before the war and aft... CITY LIVE in Berlin, Germany [ Book Hostels in Berlin ]

Photo of Tunis, gorgeous northern suburbs, Tunis

Tunis, gorgeous northern suburbs

Modern part of Tunisia , by staff

Tunisia might be a tiny country located in the north of Africa, but its history and its beauty can hit any other country a lot bigger than that. You will be surprised how many things Tunisia can offer... DESTINATIONS in Tunis, Tunisia [ Book Hostels in Tunis ]

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